Picnic Shelter Rental Frequently Asked Questions

How may I rent a picnic shelter?

Picnic shelter rentals are made on a first-reserved/fees paid basis through Parks & Recreation. Go to our online picnic shelter rentals at loparks.org.  

Is alcohol allowed?

Permission to serve beer/wine ONLY is only granted if service is done by a caterer or OLCC licensed pourer in conjunction with a picnic shelter rental and if Host Liquor Liability Insurance of $2,000,000 is obtained. No "BYOB"

Selling of alcohol is not permitted in conjunction with a picnic shelter rental.  Alcohol is limited to beer and wine only, and serving must be restricted to designated, monitored area, and is subject to any and all OLCC rules & regulations.

Groups or individuals ARE NOT allowed to bring coolers, kegs, or individual servings of beer, wine, or hard liquor to parks.

However, possession and consumption of beer and wine is allowed during designated City sponsored events in designated areas. Consumption and possession is limited to wine and beer brought to the site by event patrons for personal consumption and is limited in time to one hour preceding the event and during the event.

Can I provide a portable device, such as a bounce house in conjunction with my picnic shelter reservation?

Bounce Houses, inflatables and dunk tanks are not allowed at a picnic shelter reservation.  

Can I have a Food Truck?

Food Trucks are allowed at the East Waluga, George Rogers #2 and Westlake Picnic Shelters in their designated area.  Additional fees, insurance and documentation apply.  See the 


Can I bring my own barbecue to a shelter?

Yes. Barbecues can be used in conjunction with your picnic shelter reservation. Coals and grease must be safely removed from the park and may not be dumped in trash receptacles at the park. A protective, absorbent surface under barbecues is required (cardboard is OK).

May I reserve a picnic shelter by phone?

We can check to see if your date choice is available over the phone, but a reservation is only confirmed after approval of a and payment of fees.


When do I have to pay?

For picnic shelter reservations, payments are taken in full at the time the reservation is requested. Guidelines for payments of refundable deposits and other non-refundable fees for rentals of Premier Parks (Foothills Parks Pavilion, Millennium Plaza Park Pergola and Roehr Park Amphitheater and Dolphin) are outlined in the rental information for each facility.

What if it rains?

We cannot give reservation fee refunds due to inclement weather. We will, however, refund your deposit.

What if I must cancel?

If a reservation is canceled 14 days or more prior to the reservation date, a full refund is given, less a $10 processing fee.  If a reservation is canceled less than 14 days prior to the reservation date only the refundable deposit will be refunded.  If you know in advance that you will not be able to use your reserved time, please call Parks & Recreation so we can allow another group to use that block. Your refundable deposit will be automatically returned by mail or credited to your credit card.

How do I know if my reservation has been made?

You will receive a reservation receipt (which is your permit) when you have paid your deposit/fees and your reservation is confirmed. Bring that receipt with you to the picnic shelter or facility on the day of your confirmed reservation for verification. A sign will be posted at the picnic shelter or facility listing all rentals for the day. Your group must follow the conditions of use listed in the 


Do I have to rent a picnic shelter?

No, unless you are planning to serve alcohol or using a portable BBQ. Use of picnic shelters is encouraged any time the park is open and not rented by another group. A rental assures your exclusive use of the picnic shelter. Many parks have picnic tables outside of the shelters that are available on a drop-in basis only.

What does it cost to reserve a picnic shelter (not applicable to Foothills, Millennium Plaza, and Roehr Parks)?
2024 fees:

Type of User       Reservation Fee Refundable Deposit
Residents $85 $100
Non-Residents $127.50 $100


*Deposits will be automatically refunded the week following the event provided the picnic area is left clean, neat, with no damages and you do not exceed your time block.

Reserving groups accept responsibility/liability for any damage or accidents that occur during the reserved use. If damage occurs, costs over the deposit amount must be paid within seven days of notification by the City.

No repeated meetings or gatherings are allowed.