Premier Park Reservations

Reservations are now closed for 2021.  Check back in December for updated information on policies, fees, application, etc. for the 2022 rental season.  You can submit applications for 2022 starting on the first business day in February.

For 2021 we will take Reservations for Premier Parks April 1 - last weekend in October

  • Reservations for Roehr Park will not be taken during the months of July and August.
  • 2021 information (policies, fees, etc.) can be found to the right under Attachments. 
    • A deposit of $650 ($500 refundable deposit and $150 non-refundable cleaning fee) is due at time of submitting your application to reserve the date.  
  • New online application!  Applications will be processed and approved on a first come, first serve basis if the date is available.  Applications will not be taken less than 14 days prior to use.

Foothills Park - 

Max Capacity:  Pavilion: 100.  Dolphin/Bosque: 50.

The City’s newest riverfront park is nine acres on the Willamette River waterfront, just north of Roehr Park and the Oswego Pointe area. It features sweeping views of the river from a covered platform; a ring of basalt columns engraved with the poetry of William Stafford (the Stafford Stones); a timber and stone picnic pavilion with a stone fireplace; pathways, a reflecting pond, and a grass amphitheater that hosts Wednesday evening concerts in July. Reservations can be made for the Pavilion, Amphitheater, Dolphin and Bosque.

Millennium Plaza Park -

Max Capacity: Pergola: 400.  Grassy Knoll: 50

Delightful urban park located in the heart of Lake Oswego. Featuring views of Lakewood Bay, this community gathering place features a pergola, fireplace, reflecting pond and a paved plaza. Many events are planned each year including the Saturday Lake Oswego Farmers' Market, Thursday Movies in the Park during July and August, and Sunday Moonlight & Music concerts.  Reservations can be made for the Pergola and/or Grassy Knoll.

Roehr Park - Reservations will not be taken during the months of July and August

Current Capacity: Amphitheater: 200.  Dolphin: High Risk - 50.

This 7.5 acre developed riverfront area along the Willamette River includes viewing decks, lighted pathways, and benches for sitting. There is also an amphitheater and access to the Charlie S. Brown Water Sports Center along with the newly renovated Roehr Park Pathway.  Reservations can be made for the amphitheater and Dolphin together.

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