Rassekh Park Development

The Rassekh Property is one in a group of properties that make up the Luscher Area park lands in the southwest portion of the Lake Oswego. The 9.8 acre site is located northwest of the Stafford Road and Atherton Drive intersection.

The Parks Plan 2025, identified the challenge in providing a sufficient inventory of facilities to meet the needs and interests of its citizens. Providing sufficient field space and time for youth and adult sports is one of the outlined challenges that the City of Lake Oswego faces. The Luscher Area Masterplan (2013) identified this site for active recreational use. In June 2019 outreach was done with Lake Oswego residents to prioritize the potential projects to be funded with the $30M in parks bond money. Athletic fields were identified as a high priority across the outreach efforts. In March 2020, the Parks, Recreation and Natural Resource Advisory Board presented their recommendations for bond prioritization projects, which included an athletic field on the Rassekh Property.

The intent for the site redevelopment is for a multi-sports field and play area. Architectural/Engineering Design Service Bids are open until December 22, 2020 2:00 p.m. See: Bids and RFPs | City of Lake Oswego Bid Management System


Project Updates: 

January 2021: The request for proposals is now closed and the contract for architectural and engineering services is being worked out. When the schedule for design and public engagement has been created, updates will be posted on ways the public can get involved. 

18011 Stafford Road
Lake Oswego, OR 97034
Project Details
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Project Contact: 

Jenny Anderson
Park Analyst / Project Manager
Lake Oswego Parks & Recreation
17525 Stafford Road
P.O. Box 369
Lake Oswego, OR 97034

Phone: 503-697-6576
Email: janderson@lakeoswego.city