Restoration & Managment Plans

Lake Oswego Parks and Recreation Department manages over 627 acres of park land of which 450 acres are Natural Parks (Natural Areas) all within Lake Oswego Urban Services Boundary. Many of these unique and valuable Natural Parks are infested with invasive and noxious species. As part of the Parks Plan 2025 process, the community was asked what they value within the parks system. One of the top areas were connecting with nature and maintaining our parkland. In an effort to maximize resources and methodically guide restoration the Parks and Recreation Department is developing simple but effective restoration plans. In some cases the Parks Department is partnering with local Friends Groups to develop restoration plans that will guide both our efforts in restoration of these unique and valuable spaces. Download PDF copies of the current restoration plans according to park.

Iron Mountain Park

Download PDF of the Iron Mountain Restoration Plan

Cooks Butte Park

Download PDF of the Cooks Butte Management Plan