Special Event Permit Application

Contact Jean at jostrander@ci.oswego.or.us for more information.

What is a Special Event?

Special Events are gatherings/events that involve a large group of people (compared to the usual occupancy of the site), and

  • Are advertised to the public and do not occur regularly on the site (LOC 20.06.500); or
  • Impact or use City streets (including curb or parking lane), sidewalks, and public rights-of-way; or
  • Use City facilities or property (i.e., city buildings, parks, and parking lots).

Examples:  road race, bike race, walk, parade, festival, market, carnival, and concert.

Permit Application Requirements

Special Events require a permit issued by the City. Additional documents which may also be required:

  • Certificate of Insurance: If using city streets, curb or parking lane, sidewalks, rights-of-way, or city facilities or property (minimum $2 million per occurrence & $3 million aggregate);
  • Traffic Control Plan
  • County Road Dept. Approval: Using, closing or restricting county road. Lake Oswego Traffic Engineering will notify you if a County Permit is required;
  • ODOT Highway Approval: Using, closing, or restricting State Street / Hwy 43;
  • Site Use Permission (pdf below):  Event is held on site not owned by applicant;
  • Park/Shelter Reservation Form:  Event is to be held at City Park;
  • Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) Permit: If alcohol use is planned for your Special Event, submit OLCC permits with your application. [The City of Lake Oswego (local government as stated on the application) will process the first portion and then contact you to take the City-approved application to OLCC];
  • Temporary Restaurant License & Food Handler Certificate: For any food service establishment in the street, public right-of-way, and City facility.

Traffic Control Plan

You will need to include a Traffic Control Plan if your Event is to affect public right-of-way with any one of these conditions (Note: Public right-of-way extends beyond the paved or travel surface of a roadway):

  • Restrict or close a roadway (lanes, bike lanes, shoulders, etc.)
  • Restrict or close a sidewalk/pathway
  • Restrict or close a driveway
  • Restrict or close parking spaces
  • Restrict or close a Public Parking Lot
  • Directing traffic with the use of a Certified Flagger, Police Officer or signs
  • Posting of any signs in the right of way

Examples of Traffic Control Plans:

A Traffic Control Plan should site specific map of routes or locations where event will take place:

  • Streets and cross streets with lane configurations
  • Location and placement of all required MUTCD advance warning signs (list type of signs to be used)
  • Location and placement of all certified flaggers
  • Placement of cones and cone tapers
  • Show traffic, pedestrian and bike detours and/or  delays
  • Show affected businesses

Additional Information

After receipt of the Special Event Permit Application, you may be contacted by affected City departments if additional information is needed or to discuss the specific plans to accommodate the Event and its impact upon the public generally.

Submission of Application for Permit

An application can be completed and submitted through the online form (find under Related links).  We are trying to go paperless so please use the online form.  If you must go the paper application route then contact Jean Ostrander at jostrander@ci.oswego.or.us or 503-675-3901 to have an application sent to you.

Please endeavor to submit the application at least 45 days before the Event. There is a $100 fee for a special event permit issued for an application received 45 days or greater prior to the event. There is a $200 fee for a special event permit issued for an application received less than 45 days prior to the event.

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