Pickleball at George Rogers Park

Play at George Rogers Park (Reservations Required due to COVID)

George Rogers Park has 6 dedicated pickleball courts, available year-round, to provide opportunities for those interested in playing pickleball in Lake Oswego.

In order to comply with OHA guidelines and requirements we have partnered with L.O. Pickleball Club to coordinate reservations for all 6 courts. NO DROP-IN PLAY ALLOWED. For court availability and playing partners, please visit Playtime Scheduler.

2021 Summer Pickleball Clinics (Offered through LO Parks & Recreation)

Lake Oswego Parks & Recreation offers Spring, Summer, and Fall clinics for beginning, novice players, ages 18+. Each clinic runs two hours and will be run by Parks & Recreation staff. Equipment is provided by the L.O. Pickleball Club for all participants and registration is required before the clinic to participate. For clinic information and to register for upcoming clinics, please visit www.loparks.org

Three Sessions: Ages 18+

Class #22887: Wednesday July 28th; 6 - 8 PM. Register at www.loparks.org

Class #22888: Saturday Aug. 14th; 2 - 4 PM. Register at www.loparks.org

Class #22889: Thursday Aug. 26th; 6 - 8 PM. Register at www.loparks.org 

Registration Fees: $14 for residents, $21 for non-residents.

2021 Fall Pickleball Clinic & Play (Offered through LO Parks & Recreation)

Two Sessions: Ages 18+

Class #23078: Saturdays Sep 11 - Oct 2; 2 - 4 PM. Register at www.loparks.org

Class #23079: Sundays Sep 12 - Oct 3; 2 - 4 PM. Register at www.loparks.org  

Registration Fees: $58 for residents, $73 for non-residents.


For more information on the L.O. Pickleball Club, please visit their website at www.lakeoswegopickleball.org

George Rogers Park
611 S. State St.
Lake Oswego, OR 97034