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Trial Park Locations for Off-Leash Area (OLA) for Dogs

Pilkington Park | West Waluga Park   Southwood I Park | McNary Park

Surveys For Off Leash Area Park Visitors

Lake Oswego Parks & Recreation needs your help to answer a few simple questions about the “Off-Leash Dog Areas” at four different parks.

If you would like to give feedback on the off leash dog areas in McNary, Pilkington, West Waluga, or Southwood parks, we will have surveyers there during the following days and times:

TUES 8/29    
Pilkington: 8-10 AM

West Waluga: 8:30 - 10:30 AM

Pilkington: 6 - 8P M

West Waluga: 6 - 8 PM

WED 8/30

Southwood:  8-10 AM

Southwood: 6- 8 PM

THUR 8/31

McNary: 8-10 AM

McNary: 6-8 PM  

SAT 9/02 

West Waluga: 8-10 AM

Pilkington: 8-10 AM

West Waluga: 6-8 PM

Pilkington: 6-8 PM

SUN 9/3

Southwood: 8-10 AM
McNary: 8-10 AM

Southwood 6-8 PM

McNary 6-8 PM

ARF-ARF that’s “Thank You” in doggie language!

Local dogs and their owners are invited to check out the newly designated off-leash dog areas at four local Lake Oswego parks. The purpose of an off-leash dog area is to provide a safe and enjoyable recreational experience to dog owners/handlers and their dogs while not impacting other park visitors or the environment.


Pilkington Park   West Waluga Park    Southwood I Park     McNary Park

The off-leash areas are open for a six month trail period. March 15 through September 15

OLA Hours are from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Daily

A few factors will be taken into consideration when the City determines whether or not to make the trial off-leash areas permanent:

  • Satisfaction level of owners with the park and the experience.
  • Impact on other visitors in the park (visitors with and without dogs).
  • Safety of dogs and park visitors.
  • Cleanliness of park, primarily cleaning up after the pets and their waste   

 Most Important to remember:

  • Dogs must be on-leash when arriving and leaving an Off-Leash Area.
  • Dogs are not allowed on Park Property unless leashed and controlled by the owner or keeper at all times, except in areas designated by sign as "off-leash."
  • Owners or keepers must promptly remove excrement or other solid waste deposited by the dog.
  • All dogs on Park Property must be licensed and current in vaccinations.
  • Dogs are not allowed on Athletic Fields unless authorized by the Parks & Rec Department Director.
  • For detailed park rules, go to


  1. Dogs must demonstrate appropriate social interaction.
  2. Dogs displaying aggressive behavior toward people or other dogs must be leashed and removed from the OLA immediately.
  3. Owners and handlers must accept responsibility for any damage or injury caused by their dog.
  4. Dogs must display tags showing proof of current license and rabies vaccination.
  5. Bring no more than three dogs to the OLA at any time
  6. Owners and handlers must remain in the OLA to supervise pets, and keep them within view and under verbal control at all times.
  7. To prevent injury, remove pinch or choke collars prior to dogs playing.
  8. For health and safety reasons, do not bring a dog in heat to a Lake Oswego Park.
  9. For health and safety reasons, do not bring a puppy without a complete cycle of vaccinations to a Lake Oswego Park.
  10. Children must be closely supervised.
  11. Be considerate of park neighbors by playing quietly with dogs in the early morning and evening hours.
  12. Comply with all other park rules,

Hazelia Dog Park 

The Hazelia Dog Park, located at Hazelia Field at Luscher Farm, 17800 Stafford Road, is separated into two areas for our canine friends.

The northern most area is for timid and shy dogs. The larger area adjacent to the parking lot is for more outgoing dogs. 

Hazelia Dog Park is open for play every day of the year from 6 a.m. - 10 p.m. daily.




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