Tennis Center Addition FAQ

Tennis Center Addition FAQ*

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*We will update this page with additional questions and answers.


The FAQ was last updated April 5, 2018.

Addition Process

What is the decision process for the LOTC addition project?

The process includes a public outreach period from March 15-May 16, 2018.

  • The Parks and Recreation Department will make presentations to and collect input from the general public and interested groups, including Uplands Neighborhood Association, Friends of Springbrook Park, and Tennis Center users. Input includes:

    • Results of two dot surveys

    • Submitted comment cards

    • Online survey results

    • Any written communication the Department receives from the public regarding this project

    • Observations from staff present at public meetings

  • On May 16, 2018, the Department will make a recommendation to the Parks Board for a preferred design concept and funding strategy, based on public input. This will be done via a presentation and a written staff report.

  • The Parks Board will decide whether or not to move forward with the project.

  • If they decide to move forward, the Parks Board will present the addition project to the City Council via the Capital Improvement Plan process.


Who picks which plan? 

The plan will be decided through public and stakeholder input.


The tennis community is feeling a sense of urgency to get this enhancement going. Would the timeline be the same for all three plans?

The timeline will vary based on the direction. Regulatory processes will vary, as will actual construction timelines.


Site Plans

What if my preferred option is to do nothing, or an alternative to the concepts presented?

If your preference is for no change to the Tennis Center, state that preference on your comment card, or in the comment area of the online survey. If you have suggestions for changes to an existing plan, or a concept we haven’t presented, please use a comment card or the comment area on the online survey to communicate your idea.


Explain why an alternative site for the Tennis Center wouldn’t be revisited?  Why did the Stafford Road option not move forward? 

The Stafford Road option was put aside by City Council, and the Department is now focused on improvements to the existing facility. Other sites may be explored to meet the capacity need.


Why is there not an option to meet ADA requirements without expanding the Tennis Center?

Expansion of the Tennis Center footprint, not the facility footprint, is necessary to accommodate ADA.


What plans are to beautify the existing ugly steel building?

If there is an addition to the Tennis Center, only the new portion will be looked at for improved aesthetics. The existing building will not change.


How will the Parks Department mitigate the loss of 11-12 mature Douglas Fir trees as a result of the Court 5+ option?

Trees will be mitigated in accordance with the City’s Tree and Development Codes.


What is the carbon increase on the environment by the planned tree removal for each alternative?

The carbon increase calculation is not required for this potential development.


How will the adjoining property owners be compensated for reduced livability and enjoyment as a result of having a parking lot 12' from their backyard?

If a variance to expand the parking lot is granted, the plan will include re-planting and design to reduce the impact on neighboring properties.


Why does no option eliminate proposed parking to the west? Homeowners may be more apt to agree to expansion plans if there were not cars shining headlights into to their windows.

We attempted to accommodate existing and future parking needs on the site, and we will explore all options. If additional parking is provided to the west, light will be mitigated through buffer design.


What are the requirements for a variance? 

The requirements of the variance are unknown at this time.


What plans are being made to cover traffic issues if the Tennis Center is expanded?

If court capacity increases, the impacts on traffic will be addressed through the City’s Development Code requirements.


When is the signal light proposed for Rainbow and Boones Ferry scheduled on the capital plan?

Any signalization of the intersection will need to be warranted through a Traffic Impact Study. This will only be necessary if court capacity is increased.




How will this be funded?

The funding strategy will be determined after the public outreach process concludes. If additional funding is needed for the chosen concept, funding instruments such as loan or line of credit will be considered, or funding could be a part of a possible renewing general obligation bond that would go to voters for approval in the fall of 2018 or spring of 2019.


How much more revenue can we expect from adding a 5th court?

A rough approximation is that a 5th court would bring a 20% increase in revenue. The could be used to service a portion of the debt on the improvements.




Why are accommodations for including pickleball left out of all of these plans?

Pickleball is a great sport! However, our intent is for this process to address the capacity issues and conditions at the Tennis Center for our tennis patrons.


What is Parks and Recreation doing to address the increasing number of Lake Oswego citizens who are growing older and need court space for pickleball?

In the past two years, the Parks and Recreation Department has worked directly with the pickleball community to provide 12 outdoor courts, and indoor drop-in play 4 – 5 days a week at Palisades. The department has also been in constant communication with the president of the Lake Oswego Pickleball Club to discuss possible short- and long-term pickleball solutions for the community.

Most cities include Pickleball with the tennis center. Why isn't Lake Oswego considering this approach? 

The Lake Oswego Tennis Center is unique in that it is dealing with capacity issues related solely to tennis; therefore, we are examining solutions for the tennis capacity issues we are facing.

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