Tennis Center Rehabilitation

The Indoor Tennis Center will be remodeled to provide ADA accessibility, an improved entryway and parking, provide front desk space, develop new restroom facilities and provide adequate office space. The facility will see improvements that include a multi-use room and an enlarged viewing area for increased court visibility. 

 View from the mezzanine concept rendering.


Project Updates: 

January 2022: Footings poured. The excavation is complete. Electrical and plumbing "rough in" is ongoing. Concrete pad scheduled for pour week of 1/10/22.

November 2021: Pouring footings for the structure December 1. The excavation is complete. Electrical and plumbing "rough in" is ongoing. The Project is on schedule.

October 2021: Status update:

The Lake Oswego Tennis Center is undergoing renovation and an addition to improve the functionality of the facility. Major improvements include new restroom facilities, office space for staff, a new lobby space and front desk, a multi-use room, a tennis court viewing room, and improved ADA accessibility.

 Currently the contractor is excavating the site and implementing the demolition of the front section of the building that will allow the construction of the new addition. The excavation was delayed by a few weeks due to contractor issues with a sub-contractor that could not mobilize to the site as expected. A new sub-contractor was hired to provide the excavation and demolition and this work is proceeding. Electrical and plumbing demolition is also occurring within the existing building in preparation for the new addition.

 The project is proceeding on schedule and is expected to be completed  Spring 2022. The project design has not changed since the approval and permitting of the project by City Council, Lake Oswego Planning Department, Lake Oswego Engineering Department, and Lake Oswego Building Department. The approved plans are  available for review by the public and are posted on the City of Lake Oswego planning website 

October 2021: Electrical and plumbing demolition is complete and preparation for structural and electrical upgrades is ongoing. Site excavation is expected to begin in the next week. Excavation is ongoing for tree root exposure and removal to reduce root impacts under the courts.

September 2021: Demolition has started on the building.

August 2021: Construction has begun. Tree protection and construction fencing has been installed. Erosion Control measures are in place and permits are issued.

August 2021: Baldwin General Contracting is under contract and the final permitting is being wrapped up. Construction is due to start around the middle of this month. The estimated completion date will be Spring 2022.

July 2021: The construction contract has been approved by Ciy Council. The Contractor has been selected and construction will begin in the next couple of weeks.

May 11, 2021: The Request for Bids for the construction work has been advertised and is currently on the City’s Bid Management System site. Bids are due from contractors on June 3, 2021. Once the selected contractor is under contract, work can begin. This project is scheduled to take 8 to 10 months to complete.

March 16, 2021: Notice of Development Review Commission Decision has been posted

February 16, 2021: Due to power issues we will be rescheduling the February 17, DRC meeting to Monday, March 1, 2021 at 7:00pm to renew discussion on this project. 

February 2, 2021: On Monday, February 1 the appeal of the LO Tennis Center project went in front of  the Development Review Committee (DRC). No decision was made on the appeal. 

The DRC will renew discussion on this project at their next scheduled meeting on Wednesday, February 17, 2021 at 7:00pm. Agenda

The February 1 meeting recording can be viewed on the City's YouTube Channel 

January 12, 2021: LU 20-0027 Development Review Committee Notice of ONLINE Public Hearing has been posted. Please see the link on the right side under Related Links. This meeting will be held online on February 1, 2021 at 7:00pm. ln order to be considered and become part of the record, written comments must be received by noon on the date of the hearing. Oral testimony may also be given during the online hearing.

Development Review Commission meetings are streamed live on the City's YouTube channel, which can be accessed from the following link:  .

The meetings are also broadcast on Tualatin Valley Community TV (TCTV); check their website at for details.

December 9, 2020: The Land Use was approved, however, an Appeal on this decision has been filed 12/9/2020. A tentative public hearing date is February 1, 2021.

October 2, 2020: The design/planning stage is nearing completion and a decision on the Land Use approval is pending. An on-site sign has been posted.

The design/planning documents have been returned to the architect for 100% construction documents.

The 100% completed design and construction documents will initiate the process for project construction bids and the project schedule will be developed and submitted within the bid. 
The selected construction contract then goes to City Council for approval. When the contract has been approved, the construction will move forward per contractor's schedule.
Closure for construction is presently estimated at 9-12 months due to site, structural and system work involved in the project  The site will be closed to the public until all construction is completed due to safety and liability reasons. OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) has strict requirements applied to active construction sites. Also contractors will not allow the General Public into active construction sites per their insurance and bonding requirements.

Project Details
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Project Contact: 

Bruce Powers, RLA 
Park Analyst / Project Manager
Lake Oswego Parks & Recreation
17525 Stafford Road
P.O. Box 369
Lake Oswego, OR 97034

Phone: 503-697-6575

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