Soul Mates - August 5, 2018 Mill. Plaza Park 6-7:30pm

Individually these are seasoned and storied performing artists with world class credentials - true pros doing what they love to do best. These boys can play! Together they are are a stellar collective of soul - a sonic brotherhood with a spiritual connection - musical soul mates.  A co-op of gifted composers and arrangers take the the listener on a journey of musical twists and turns, breathing new life into some classic themes and breaking ground on a new frontier of original sounds. +SOULMATES-  illicit a variety of musical moods and emotions: One moment up and jumping, the next they will go deep and hypnotic. Then its on to a travelogue of world rhythms and cultures, playfully tossing a ball of invisible musical energy among themselves. Sultry jazz sounds, stinging blues and raw funk can converge seamlessly, and then may segue into some flat out 'baby making music'! This is all wrapped up with a lot of love and an infectious groove of all their own.

Drawing from a deep well of seemingly infinite artistry, +SOULMATES- fill the venue with their musical message of love, peace and soul. Close brothers from different mothers, as one they speak a sonic word that can have a healing effect on mind, body and spirit. Soul to Soul, they strive to become one with their audience. Communicating on deeper and higher levels of consciousness they strive always toward aesthetic ecstasy. This is true music magic!

Spreading the love, one show at a time.