Wildlife in Lake Oswego's Natural Areas

In the City of Lake Oswego, there are over 460 acres of natural-character parks. These natural parks are a vibrant and peaceful place to connect to nature and are vital to our community! They contribute to important habitat for plants, animals, birds and the watershed.

What have you discovered in Lake Oswego's natural areas? Can you add to these lists? Follow the links on each bullet point to learn more about the plants and animals from scientific sources!

If you spot plants, birds, or wildlife not listed, send your submissions with photos to Babs Hamachek: bhamachek@ci.oswego.or.us!

Our list of wildlife seen in the natural park areas is growing! Please let us know what wildlife you've seen and where you saw it!

Wildlife seen in Lake Oswego Parks' Natural Areas:

Our feathered friends keep us on our toes trying to spot them! Let us know what you discover and which natural area you were in!

Birds seen in Lake Oswego Parks' Natural Areas:

The variety of trees, shrubs, flowers and ferns in Lake Oswego's natural parks areas is staggering! Let us know if you discover something not yet listed!

Native Species of Plants seen in Lake Oswego Parks' Natural Areas:

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