Woodmont Natural Park

What is the Woodmont Park Project?

Woodmont Natural Park is a 6.8 acre park located within the City of Lake Oswego. The Parks and Recreation Department underwent a design process for Woodmont Natural Park. The Woodmont Natural Park Project addresses the Parks Plan 2025 goal of investment in existing natural areas. The following upcoming park renovations incorporate three years of multifaceted community-focused outreach from the Woodmont Natural Park Master Plan:

  • Removal of existing invasive and non-native trees, shrubs, vegetation and excess soil stockpiles; 
  • Installation of trees, shrubs, groundcovers, seed mixes, bark mulch, logs and boulders;
  • Re-grading the site and enhancing the storm water management;
  • Compacted pathways, public road widening and road overlay;
  • Permanent and temporary irrigation, erosion and sediment control; and
  • Restoration of degraded natural resources features.

Woodmont Natural Park Planning Process

The Parks and Recreation Department underwent a system wide community based planning process. Recommendations from this process stated a need to develop a concept plan for the Woodmont Natural Park properties and identified system gaps that could be accommodated within Woodmont Natural Park. The Concept Plan was developed and was followed by a Master Planning process. Woodmont Natural Park is considered a city-wide (considered a larger scale than a local park), hybrid character park (integrates natural and developed features throughout the site). The site is predominately pasture with Hawthorne trees with a steep sloped stream, and wetland. Much of the natural resource features of the park are degraded and in need of stabilization, restoration and long term management. In addition to the natural features of the park, approximately 4.8 acres of land is considered developable. Currently the Parks Department is finalizing Construction Documents and preparing Bid Documents for future Park development.

What Materializes From This Process?

The Woodmont Natural Park planning process resulted in several deliverables for consideration with developing, restoring and managing the site. Some aspects of the plan and planning process were:

  • Delineation of resources (Wetlands, Stream Corridors and Tree Groves) according to Department of State Lands and City of Lake Oswego requirements.

  • Restoration plan for stream and wetland resources.

  • Long term forest management strategy and recommendations.

  • Site design, featuring amenities consistent with Parks Plan 2025 recommendations and design guidelines for Citywide, Integrated Hybrid Character parks (App. K - PP2025).

  • 100% Construction Document preparation for implementation of the project.

  • Public engagement program that provided ample opportunities for the community to invest in the development of the site.

  • A design team that translated community input, site opportunities and constraints into a high quality professional park design that is uniquely Lake Oswego.

  • Eventually the park site will be developed and restored to provide a place for the community to recreate and to connect with nature in.

Project Updates: 

January 2021: Construction is near completion and the park will be open shortly.

December 2020: The nest sculpture by local artist Hannes Wingate has been installed in the forest overlook. The land art was created of woven branches, many of which were gathered from the park. It creates a beautiful space to appreciate nature and the surrounding area.  The road works and paths are completed. The plants are currently being put in the ground. With the final touches, the renovation of the park is scheduled for completion at the end of the month.

October 2020: Decomposed granite trails have been finished in approximately half of the park. The bioswales are graded and ready for planting. Irrigation is being installed and final grading and soil preparation are under way for the large open field area. It is expected to be completed December 2020.

July 2020: Grading is underway, and trails are being prepped. Construction is on schedule and expected to be completed this fall. 

May 2020: Park construction has begun. Once tree protection for “trees to remain” is installed and the erosion control is in place, tree removal will begin, most likely next week. The park will be closed during construction, including the “cut through” that many people use. A fence has been installed with signs stating the closure of the park will be attached. This is an active construction site with many hazards and all contractors and City Staff are required to wear hard hats, reflective vests and safety glasses when on site. In addition, COVID-19 protocols are in place, anyone entering the site must sign in and have their temperature checked before entering.

Picture of Woodmont Park
Picture of Woodmont Park
Picture of Woodmont Park
13600 Atwater Ln
Lake Oswego, OR 97034
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