About the Program

The City aims to invest in more projects that provide everyone with safer and improved pedestrian access for all.  The City is working on several new pathways connecting neighborhoods to schools, business districts, parks, and recreation areas.

The Pathways Program is part of the City and Council goal of providing safe pedestrian facilities that encourage walking, rolling, and riding, focusing on safe routes to school. Pathways are identified as an important component in the City’s Transportation System Plan (TSP) and Capital Improvement Plan (CIP). Recently, pathways have been prioritized by the Transportation Advisory Board (TAB) based on the following selection criteria:

  • Roadway Functional Classification
  • Connecting Neighborhoods to Schools
  • Proximity to Schools and Type of School (Elementary vs Middle/High School)
  • Completing Missing Pathway Connections
  • Cost

Learn more about pathways under design or pathways recently completed. 

Funded through the Street Maintenance Fee

In 2022, the City Council approved an increase to the Street Maintenance Fee to provide additional funding for pedestrian improvements to help ensure equitable outcomes for all roadway users. Rate increases took effect on July 1, 2023.

The Pathways Program is funded through the Street Maintenance Fee.

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