Lanewood Street/Douglas Circle Pathway

In 2022, the City started design and public outreach on several new pathways, including a proposed pathway on Lanewood Street/Douglas Circle, between Boones Way and Twin Fir Road.

Due to timing constraints, final design for the Lanewood/Douglas pathway was rescheduled until late 2023/early 2024.

To view background information and past meetings, visit the 2023 Pathways Project webpage. 

Project Updates

March 2024:

The project team has been working with residents over the last few months to finalize aspects of the design of the new sidewalk on Lanewood Street and Douglas Circle. The new sidewalk will be installed on the south side of Lanewood Street and Douglas Circle. Construction is expected to take place this summer!

Here is a link to the 90% design plans for Lanewood/Douglas. 

Tree Removal Application

Unfortunately, to accommodate the new sidewalk, some trees need to be removed. A total of 10 trees have been identified for removal as a result of the final design. These are shown with red crosses in the 90% design plans above.

In the coming weeks, the project team will apply for a Type II Tree Removal Application for 10 trees located within the project limits. These trees will be flagged with yellow ribbon.

The project team will be preparing a comprehensive Tree Protection Plan for all remaining trees that spells out what protective measures will need to be taken when the project is under construction.  Measures include a contractor tree protection meeting, tree protection fencing and signage, and identifying specific trees that will require monitoring by a certified arborist when work is occurring within critical root zones.

Once the tree removal application is finalized, signage will also be posted along the corridor and a link to the application will be posted on the project webpage and the Planning Department’s website.

December 2023:

The project team is working to advance designs and is connecting with residents to finalize aspects of the design over the coming months.  

November 1, 2023:

Designs are being developed for the Lanewood/Douglas Circle pathway. Construction is expected to take place in 2024. 

Project Details
WO 320
Project Contact: 

Heike Shipton, Senior Associate Engineer

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