2019 Annual Pavement Repairs Updates

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July 19, 2019 Update

Work Happening Now or Scheduled Soon – Watch for signage and plan for delays

  • Parkview Drive closure begins week of July 22. Major pavement repair work begins week of July 22 to pulverize pavement. The west end of Parkview Drive from approximately West Lake Drive to Camden Lane will be closed. Residents who need access to Camden Lane or Westlake Meadows will need to arrive from the east (Fosberg to Parkview) during this stage of work. Work on Parkview Drive will continue through August. The closure areas will move as the work progresses from west to east. Watch for detour signage.
  • Crews continue to work on final paving and restoration on the following streets:
    • Church Street
    • Mapleleaf Road
    • Greentree Avenue between Woodland Terrace and Greentree Road
    • Fosberg Road at Melrose Street and some patching south toward Carman Drive
    • Boones Ferry between Pilkington Road and Jean Way

July 3, 2019 Update

  • Night paving week of July 8th - Boones Ferry Road from Pilkington Road to Jean Way will be paved at night beginning Monday, July 8th. The paving is expected to occur nights between 8 p.m. and 5 a.m. through Saturday July 13th a.m. One lane at a time will be closed; delays are expected. Intersections with Boones Ferry Road will need to be closed at times, and you may be detoured to an alternate intersection to access Boones Ferry Road. Watch for signage.
  • Curb replacement work to begin the week of July 8th with paving likely the week of July 15th on:
    • Church Street
    • Mapleleaf Road
    • Greentree Avenue between Woodland Terrace and Greentree Road
  • Pavement spot repair activities on Fosberg Rd at Melrose St and some patching south toward Carman Dr.    
  • Parkview Drive – Some advance pavement preparation (sawcutting) expected the week of July 8th. Watch for flaggers to help move you around small work areas. Major pavement work with some closure areas are expected to begin on Parkview Drive the week of July 22nd. Watch for signage.

June 25, 2019 Update

  • Boones Ferry Road from Pilkington Road to Jean Way is being paved soon. Prep work is happening now. Expect lane closures as crews pour sidewalk ADA curb ramps and work near the travel lanes during the day. Night paving is expected the week of July 8.
  • Lakeview Boulevard will be striped soon and complete July 3.
  • Pavement patching/spot repairs begin late June on the following:
    • Greenbluff Drive between Glenmorrie Drrive and Eastview Court
    • SW 65th Avenue between SW Edgewood Street and SW McEwan Road
    • Fosberg Road at Melrose Street and some patching south toward Carman Drive    

June 10, 2019 Update

Annual Paving Work Starts Week of June 10: Expect Delays on Boones Ferry Rd & Lakeview Blvd

  • Boones Ferry Road from Pilkington Road to Jean Road will be paved during June/July; this timeframe includes the installation of ADA curb ramps at sidewalks. Crews will be coordinating with the Boones Ferry Road project, which is also getting started in June. The paving between Pilkinton and Jean Road will finish in about a month. Please watch for traffic control and lane closures. Some work will occur during daytime hours but paving of lanes will happen at night between 8 p.m. and 5 a.m. due to traffic volumes. Traffic control restrictions will be in place through the work. Watch for signage.
  • Lakeview Blvd from about Bryant Road to Iron Mt Blvd will be patched in areas and travel lanes will be paved. Preparation and patching work begins week of June 10 and paving will be complete by July 3 for Independence Day celebrations. The road will have lane closures but remain open. Watch for intermittent flagging. You will see activities in the area for a few weeks, but the paving work will last only a few days. The work nearest the roundabout at Iron Mtn Blvd will take place at night for a few hours.

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