2020 Pavement Management Preventative Maintenance - Slurry Seal

Which roads will be getting crack and slurry seal treatment Summer 2020?

About 75 streets across the City will receive crack and slurry seal this summer (see green streets on map below). Crack and slurry seal is a preventative maintenance measure and helps extend the life of pavement.

Overview Schedule:

What’s Happening Now through June:

  • Crews are performing pavement patches on streets that will receive slurry seal in July-August. See green lines on map. The patching work will be brief in spot locations. The summer slurry seal will restrict access to and from the residence for one full work day in July-August. The July-August schedule for slurry seal is not yet available.


  • Crack seal on streets – minimal disruption, takes approximately one day per street (may occur end of June)
  • Slurry seal – Requires entire street closure for one full day. The slurry seal must fully dry before vehicles, bicycles, or pedestrians use it. Neighbors will be notified in advance. (July or August)

View the street receiving crack and slurry seal (green lines on map):

Learn more about the slurry seal process:

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