2022 Slurry Seal

July 2022 Slurry Seal Schedule

Slurry sealing is scheduled to take place July 11-15 and again on July 18. Watch for no parking signage.
Streets will not be open to any traffic on the scheduled slurry seal day. Crews will be on streets from 7a.m.-5 p.m.

See the maps of streets scheduled for closure here:


See the day by day schedule here: 

Watch the video below to learn more about what Crack and Slurry Seal means for your neighborhood:

General crack and slurry seal schedule. Work is weather dependent, and schedule is subject to change.

  • Week of June 27 - Crack sealing on streets that will have slurry seal begins early week - expect minor delays while crews complete work through the following week.
  • Week of July 5 - "No Parking" signs set up at slurry seal locations for work that begins early the following week, pending weather.
  • Week of July 11 and July 18Slurry seal work scheduled for weekdays between July 11-18, pending weather - Expect street closures, one day per street or segment of street. Day by day map coming soon. Residents directly affected by closures will receive a doorhanger 48 hours in advance with exact date.
  • Remaining slurry seal sweeping, inspections, and clean up work will be completed by mid-September.

Map of Crack and Slurry Seal Locations

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The following locations are scheduled for crack and slurry seal work this summer:

  • Coventry Court*
  • Camden Lane*
  • Greensborough Court*
  • Bunick Drive*
  • Bilford Lane
  • El Greco from Botticelli to Orchard Way*
  • Orchard Way from El Greco to the end of the street*
  • Woodhill Court*
  • Tamarack Lane*
  • Buck Brush Lane*
  • Wolf Berry Court*
  • Duncan Drive*
  • Majestic Court*
  • Rogers Road*
  • Ridgetop Court*
  • Bay Point Drive from Rogers Road to Sierra Vista Drive*
  • Sierra Vista Drive*
  • Bay Creek Drive from Rogers Road to Westlake Drive
  • Hidden Bay Court
  • Sandalwood Court
  • SW Southwood Drive from east of SW 61st Avenue to Westlake Drive*
  • Deerfield Court*
  • Twin Creek Court
  • Southwood Court 
  • Peters Road*
  • Galen Street from Peters Road to Kingsgate Road*
  • Del Prado from Botticelli to west of Da Vinci*
  • Da Vinci*
  • Churchill Downs* 
  • Cervantes from Jefferson Parkway to north of Cervantes Circle*
  • Nova Court
  • Abelard*
  • Hidalgo Street*
  • Becket*
  • Garibaldi Street*
  • Juarez*
  • Nansen Summit from Garibaldi Street east*

*Streets also scheduled for patching work. This work will take place in the spring, prior to crack and slurry seal work.

To view the streets included in the pavement management plan for paving and/or patching, visit our 2022 Pavement Rehabilitation page.

Tree Trimming Begins February 28th

Tree trimming activities will begin on Monday, February 28, 2022 in advance of spring and summer paving and rehabilitation activities. A certified arborist will manage the work. Tree branches above and near streets, as well as shrubs adjacent to streets, will be cleanly trimmed to minimize the damage of being torn by large trucks and equipment necessary for paving or applying slurry seal to roads.

Tree trimming will take place in the Mt Park neighborhood on Hidalgo Street, Garibaldi Street, Juarez and Becket. This will cause some traffic delays as crews complete their work.

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