Annual Pavement Repairs: Overlook Drive, Iron Mountain Blvd. and more

The summer dry season is a busy time for road repair. Pavement repairs and paving are happening at 12 locations this summer. Work begins in August and will be complete in October.

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Work planned for the next few weeks is listed below.

Schedules are subject to change for many reasons, including weather, equipment or supply availability, or other issues.

Noise: You may hear sounds from trucks and equipment, including the beeping of backup alarms. (Federal regulations require trucks and equipment to sound an alarm when traveling in reverse.)

Weekly Schedules

Continuing from July 31

Preparation work including sign setup; utility locations; replacements of valves, catch basins, and inlets; and concrete pours for sidewalks and curb-ramps.

Expect such prep work and spot repairs for several weeks at:

  • Iron Mountain Blvd.
  • Overlook Drive
  • Carman Drive
  • Waluga Drive
  • South Shore Blvd.
  • Reese Road
  • Quarry Road
  • Glenmorrie Drive

Continuing from August 6

Grinding of existing pavement, with traffic reduced to one alternating lane (with flagger).

  • Iron Mountain Blvd. starts Thursday, August 9, with paving the following week.
  • Overlook Drive starts Saturday, August 11, with paving the following week.

Spot repairs or sidewalk/curb-ramp work continues at:

  • Carman Drive
  • Waluga Drive
  • South Shore Blvd.
  • Quarry Road

Week of August 13

Paving, with traffic reduced to one alternating lane (with flagger):

  • Iron Mountain Blvd.: Paving expected August 16 and 17. Expect delays.
  • Overlook Drive: Paving expected August 14 and 15.
    • NO PARKING ON OVERLOOK or you may be towed.
    • Expect delays in reaching Lakeridge High School. (All work will be complete by August 24, before school resumes.)

Spot repairs or sidewalk/curb ramp work continues at:

  • Carman Drive
    Waluga Drive
    South Shore Blvd.
    Quarry Road

Week of August 20

Work continues on streets in progress.

Week of August 27

To be updated soon.

Note: School starts this week. Please plan for additional traffic during your morning commute.

Traffic Impacts

Traffic controls will vary depending on location. Nearby residents have received letters showing the general location of repairs.

Two to three days before the most disruptive work begins, the contractor will hand-deliver door hangers to homes and businesses that have driveway or access impacts.

Contact information

If you have questions, leave a message at (503) 635-0261 and we will return your call — or email Please include your street address.

See a map of street repairs.

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