Jefferson Parkway Construction Closure: Abelard to Kerr Parkway began August 6

Pavement on Jefferson Parkway is being ground and replaced from Westlake Drive to Kerr Parkway. Construction is scheduled to be complete in late August. The project requires FULL road closures in segments, with temporary detours. The section from Abelard to Kerr Parkway is the final major closure and will last about three weeks (opening before school resumes on August 27). After this last section, there will be brief one-lane closures in late August/early September for final striping.

Watch for signage changes and plan to use alternate routes. Construction schedules are always subject to change due to weather, availability of crews, materials or equipment, and other variables.

Access information for neighbors

  • Neighbors at Mountainside Terrace will have access on Jefferson Parkway toward Kerr Parkway only through the edge of the work zone.
    Update: From Tuesday to Thursday, August 21 – 23, paving work at the driveway will affect access in intervals of up to two hours. These intervals will occur after the morning commute. If possible, please plan to park outside the work area during the day.

  • Neighbors at The Bluffs at Mountain Park will only be able to use the upper driveway to Kerr Parkway. The driveway to Jefferson Parkway will be closed.

  • Neighbors who live on or near Del Prado will have access from the south, via Botticelli.

  • The east intersection of Cervantes and Jefferson Parkway will be closed. The west intersection, closer to Kingsgate and Westlake, will be open.

  • Neighbors who live on Abelard will have access via Kingsgate and Aquinas.

Days, hours and detours

Crews generally will work Monday through Friday 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., and some Saturdays. Paving days may have later hours, if needed.

However, when the road has been ground down, full road closures (sometimes called “hard” closures) with detours will be in place 24 hours per day, seven days per week. During a full closure, everyone (including residents) must follow the detour routes or find another route.

  • Only residents who can’t reach their homes any other way are admitted through the closure, on specific access routes.
  • Residents on streets accessible at only one location from Jefferson Parkway will have a specific access route around the closure (either from the west or east), depending on the location of the work zone. Watch for signage changes and follow any instructions from the contractor. 


Pavement grinding will make the road unsafe and unfit for travel within the closure during all hours. Follow all traffic-control signage and avoid active construction areas, for the safety of all. 


Schedule: May – September 2018 (major work June – August while school is on break)

Project: Includes reconstruction of the Jefferson Parkway road surface from Westlake Drive to Kerr Parkway (see the map), curb ramp replacements, new signs, and striping. This is a pavement rehabilitation project and does not include sidewalk.

Traffic impact: Jefferson Parkway will be closed in phases. Watch for detours over the summer. Access will be coordinated for neighbors who must use Jefferson Parkway.

Noise: You may hear sounds from trucks and equipment, including the beeping of backup alarms. (Federal regulations require trucks and equipment to sound an alarm when traveling in reverse.)

Contact information: If you have questions, leave a message at (503) 635-0261 and we will return your call — or email Please include your street address.

Project Background / Summary: 

Watch for detours this summer during paving of Jefferson Parkway between Westlake Drive and Kerr Parkway.

Westlake Drive to Kerr Parkway
Jefferson Parkway
Lake Oswego, 97035
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