Wembley Park Road Rehabilitation

Wembley Park Road Construction – Complete

Before pavement work occurred


After pavement work occurred

During 2020, the city completed the following work:

  • Water main: relocating and rebuilding the water main before the road work.
  • Storm drainage: replacing the stormwater system to provide better drainage and improve water quality.
  • The road: removing and replacing the surface pavement and the underlying roadbed more than a foot deep — no more cracks and potholes!

The sanitary sewer system was repaired last year in some locations. NW Natural upgraded some of their natural gas infrastructure in advance of the road work.

Existing walking paths near or long the road have remained in place after construction. No additional paths or sidewalks were added. Some required ADA ramps were installed.

New drainage inlets and speed bump


New drainage inlets

Thank you for your patience.

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