Wembley Park Road Rehabilitation

The City is rehabilitating Wembley Park Road from Country Club Road to Twin Fir Road. Work includes improvements to utility pipes – stormwater, drinking water and sewer – as well as paving. The pavement is deteriorating and was prioritized for repair by the City. Work is underway and scheduled to be complete in the fall.

Questions: 503-635-0261 or pavement@lakeoswego.city


Wembley Park Road Construction – Heading toward an October Completion

Watch for road closures and detours around the work area during our final push to complete paving and final restoration of Wembley Park Road this month.

Multiple crews are working in the area. Remaining work includes some paving, asphalt driveway transitions, ditch lining, berms, striping and other landscape restoration along the road. Please drive slowly for everyone’s safety. The work zone and traffic control changes. Neighbors will have access to their homes, but may experience some delay.

Construction schedules can often change due to weather, crews, and materials availability.

Major activities:

Paving at Country Club Road and near Uplands Elementary is planned or Wednesday, October 7 and Thursday, October 8. (Schedule always subject to weather and equipment.)

Completion of all asphalt driveway transitions (the connection between driveways and Wembley Park Road) for the entire project should be complete by mid-October. Most are already complete.

Remaining work, such as ditch lining, berms, striping, signage, and other landscaping restoration should be complete in October.

NIGHT WORK – You may see night crews applying striping and intersection markings on the pavement. The work is brief and does not create much noise.

Other activities:

Additional pavement and concrete work is happening at Country Club Road.

All asphalt driveway transitions (the connection between driveways and Wembley Park Road) for the entire project should be complete by mid-September. Many are already complete.

Remaining work, such as ditch lining, berms, striping, signage, and other restoration should be complete in October.

Thank you for your patience.

What to Expect

Construction spring/summer 2020:

There will be full road closures in short segments, with signed detours, as improvements are completed. Drinking water, stormwater, sewer pipes will be rehabilitated, and then the area will be paved. Local access to homes in the work area will be provided at all times.

By late fall, the neighborhood will have nearly a mile of smooth new road and improved storm drainage.

Your patience during construction is appreciated to maintain everyone’s safety. Please:

  • Abide by all traffic controls.
  • Avoid work areas as much as possible, whether on foot or on wheels.

Work Hours

Work hours are generally, Mondays through Fridays, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturdays 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Work zones will be fully closed to traffic, with detours in place 24 hours per day. Closed segments will be unsafe for travel, with excavation up to a foot deep. Only neighbors will be allowed access near closed segments.

Detours may temporarily increase traffic on nearby streets.


Photo of similar pavement construction

Scope of the Work

The city will be completing the following work:

  • Water main: relocating and rebuilding the water main before the road work.
  • Storm drainage: replacing the stormwater system to provide better drainage and improve water quality.
  • The road: removing and replacing the surface pavement and the underlying roadbed more than a foot deep — no more cracks and potholes!

The sanitary sewer system was repaired last year in some locations. NW Natural upgraded some of their natural gas infrastructure in advance of the road work.

Existing walking paths near or along the road will remain in place after construction. No additional paths or sidewalks are being added.

Access for Services

Fire and emergency services will have access to the neighborhood at all times.
The City and the contractor will help maintain neighborhood services such as garbage pickup and mail delivery.

Driveway Access

If your home is on Wembley Park Road, construction will likely block your driveway at some point for a short period. Crews will leave advance notice at your front door.

If you’re planning a move or other work that depends on driveway access, get in touch as soon as possible. (See contact information below.)

Get in Touch, Get the Latest

If you have questions or would like to receive regular email updates during construction, please contact:

City Construction Line: 503-635-0261

Email your questions: pavement@lakeoswego.city

Sign up for email updates and learn more: lakeoswego.city/pavement


October 23, 2019

The City will be reconstructing Wembley Park Road between Country Club Road and Twin Fir Road. Sewer pipe repairs are in progress, and gas utilities will be moved prior to major roadwork. Design work will be complete in 2019 and a contractor hired in early 2020. The project includes improvements to storm water systems, and water systems, as well as new pavement. The road will be closed in sections during construction.

Open House
Wednesday, November 6, 2019 - 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
Lake Oswego Junior High School Library

2500 Country Club Rd
Lake Oswego, OR 97034

The open house will include a brief presentation about the construction project at 7:15 p.m. 

  • Glen Eagles Place to Fir Ridge – Base paving scheduled for Friday, June 12, pending weather.
  • Fir Ridge to Glen Eagles Road – Base paving scheduled for Friday, June 26, pending weather.
  • Multiple crews are working on storm and water pipe, manholes, and road base preparations – watch for signage. The work zone moves frequently.
  • Neighbors will have access to their homes.
Project Details
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