Annexation Program & Application

Annexation is the means by which property owners in unincorporated areas can join the City of Lake Oswego, receive city services and vote in city elections.  Usually, access to one or more major urban services is the reason residents and property owners outside the city consider annexation.  These services include sanitary and storm sewers, city water, improved road maintenance, and greater police protection.

The City Council of the City of Lake Oswego has adopted Resolution 04-38, a natural resources policy, discouraging the destruction of natural resources in unincorporated areas before applying for annexation to the the City.

Annexation Application Packet

The annexation application packet for 2019, found under "Attachments" on this webpage, consists of the following documents:

  • Overview of the Annexation Process and Submittal Requirements (06/2013)
  • Annexation Schedule (12/30/18)
  • Annexation Fees Notice (Revised 01/01/2019)
  • Annexation Application and Petition (Revised 03/29/2010); Census Form (11/24/2015)
  • Resolution 04-38* and Natural Resources Policies (*Adopting Policies Discouraging Destruction of Natural Resources Prior to Annexation)

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to frequently asked questions can be found in the document "Frequently Asked Questions" using the link provided below.

Cost of Annexation

Information on the cost of annexation and related fees can be found in the document below.

For Additional Information

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