The BUZZ on Bumblebees

As we celebrate trees this month, we also want to celebrate the pollinators that help support them!  There is lots of buzz about mason bees and honey bees these days but did you know that there are over 30 different species of bumble bees in Oregon? Bumble bees are one of our native bee populations that specialize in pollinating native plant species rather than invasive species.

In bumble bee populations, full hives do not survive through the winter; however, young queen bees burrow into the ground and overwinter alone. During spring, queen bees emerge and find a suitable location, such as an abandoned rodent burrow, to build a new hive. Want to create your own nest for a bumble bee? Lake Oswego Parks and Recreation created a video demonstrating how to build a bumblebee “box” for a newly emerging queen bee. Get creative and keep an eye out for a bumble bee buzz in your yard!