Fences, Walls and Retaining Walls

The Development Code regulates the location, height, materials, maintenance and appearance of fences, walls and retaining walls within the City of Lake Oswego.

Building Permits: Building permits may be required based on the height and purpose of a fence or retaining wall, as follows:

Fences: A Building Permit is required for all fences or walls over 6 feet in height.

Retaining Walls: A Building Permit is required for all retaining walls that are greater than 4 feet in height, and any retaining wall that is over 2 feet in height that supports a surcharge (i.e., has a slope behind it).

Portals, Arbors & Trellises: A Building Permit may be required based on the materials, height, and connections of the structure. Please contact the Building Division for more information.

For more information regarding fence and wall location, height, and materials, please read the attached fence handout.

Other Materials: