Land Use Applications and Cases

This page is intended to provide easy and convenient citizen access to active land use applications, annexation applications and tree removal cases (requiring a public hearing). Below is information on how to access all Land Use, Annexation, Planning Project and other cases/projects.

Applications and Authority

Applications are submitted to the City for development review, annexation to the City, Development Code Text Amendments, Land Use Map and Zoning Map Amendments, and Comprehensive Plan Amendments.

Development of real property within the corporate limits of the City of Lake Oswego shall be governed by the Community Development Code. All officials, departments, employees, and Commissions of the City vested with authority to issue permits or grant approvals shall adhere to and require conformance with the Code.

View All Land Use, Annexation, and Project Pages

The City has a Project Page where you can search for any current Land Use Case, Annexation Case or Planning Project. Simply filter for project type, status (active or inactive), and if desired year and neighborhood.  Or you can search directly for a particular case number.

Land Use Applications Status Report

To view the status of current land use applications within the Development Review Division please see the attachment.

Notice of Limitations about Materials Posted on Land Use Project Pages

The Case File Materials posted under the designated Planning Division’s Land Use Project Pages and links are:

  • For the convenience of the community and are not the official version;
  • Posted on a periodic (not daily) basis. Typically, materials are not posted until the deadline for submission has passed, in order to post all materials relating to the same deadline at the same time.
  • Materials the Project Manager has designated at the time of posting to be included in the Record before the reviewing authority– the entire contents of the Planning Division’s Case File are NOT posted.
    • There are additional materials in the Case File that the Project Manager believes are NOT for the purpose of addressing whether the proposed development application complies with the applicable criteria. These additional materials are NOT posted. (Only materials identified by the applicant or interested parties for the purpose of addressing the applicable criteria are made a part of the “record” before the reviewing authority.)

The Planning Division’s Case File may be viewed by the public Monday - Friday, excluding holidays, 8 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. in the Planning and Building Services Department. Persons are encouraged to contact the Project Manager to arrange for a suitable location to review the materials in the Case File.

Note: Materials exempt under the Oregon Public Records Law, ORS 192.501 and 192.502 may be withheld from public review of the Case File; such materials are NOT a part of the “record” before the reviewing authority in determining whether or not the proposed development complies with the applicable criteria.
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