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City of Lake Oswego Oregon - Luscher Farm

LU 17-0052: Flag Lots and Private Access Lanes

Project Description

This is a request from the City of Lake Oswego for text amendments to the Lake Oswego Community Development Code (CDC or City code), amending the standards for development of flag lots and private access lanes. The Planning Commission and City Council identified this as a 2017 Planning Commission Goal.

The purpose of the amendments is to streamline, update and clarify the code. This process is part of the City’s ongoing effort to implement the Comprehensive Plan (adopted in 2014), pursuant to City Council policies on preserving the character of existing established residential neighborhoods, maintaining clear and objective standards for development, and avoiding unnecessary restrictions on property owners.



On November 27, 2017, the Commission reaffirmed its prior recommendation to limit the number of flag lots in a development to two, and to make other changes to the flag lot standards. The Commission rejected a staff proposal that added a standard for reduced-width private streets (38 ft. easement), which was intended to mitigate the impact on properties affected by the above limit on flag lots. The Commission is scheduled to adopt its Findings, Conclusion and Order (final recommendation) December 11.

The City Council has a study session (no public comment) scheduled for December 19.  The Council public hearing is scheduled for January 2, 2018; public testimony will be accepted.  For more information regarding the Council's agenda and schedule, please contact Anne-Marie Simpson, City Recorder, (503) 534-4225 or e-mail.



At it's meeting on November 13, the Commission moved to reopen the public hearing at their next meeting on November 27.  The Commission will accept additional testimony limited to the subject of private streets.

To view the proposed code changes from the October 9, 2017, public hearing, click here.



Consideration of the Findings, Conclusion and Order has been tentatively rescheduled to the Planning Commission meeting on November 13, 2017, to give staff more time to address the amendments recommended by the Commission.



The Planning Commission held a public hearing Monday, October 9, 2017.  After hearing testimony from fifteen individuals, receiving written testimony and conducting deliberations, the Commission made a preliminary recommendation that the code be amended as follows:

  1. Access lanes shall serve not more than two flag lots behind the front lot.
  2. One additional parking spot on the access lane is required for each flag lot.
  3. The requirement for connected access lanes is removed.

The Commission agreed with the remaining staff recommendations as discussed and asked that staff return with the Findings, Conclusions and Order on October 23, 2017.



The City requested public comments on this draft beginning August 15 through August 31, 2017.

Comments submitted by the deadline were considered in preparing the draft of the proposed code amendments for the Planning Commission hearing scheduled for Monday, October 9, 2017.

Public Review Draft #2, 08/15/17

To view the first public review draft and work session documents, click here.


Notice of Limitations about Materials Posted on Land Use Project Pages

The Case File Materials posted under the designated Planning Division’s Land Use Project Pages and links are:

  • For the convenience of the community and are not the official version;
  • Posted on a periodic (not daily) basis. Typically, materials are not posted until the deadline for submission has passed, in order to post all materials relating to the same deadline at the same time.
  • Materials the Project Manager has designated at the time of posting to be included in the Record before the reviewing authority– the entire contents of the Planning Division’s Case File are NOT posted.

-  There are additional materials in the Case File that the Project Manager believes are NOT for the purpose of addressing whether the proposed development application complies with the applicable criteria. These additional materials are NOT posted. (Only materials identified by the applicant or interested parties for the purpose of addressing the applicable criteria are made a part of the “record” before the reviewing authority.)

The Planning Division’s Case File may be viewed by the public Monday - Friday, excluding holidays, 8 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. in the Planning and Building Services Department. Persons are encouraged to contact the Project Manager to arrange for a suitable location to review the materials in the Case File.

Note: Materials exempt under the Oregon Public Records Law, ORS 192.501 and 192.502 may be withheld from public review of the Case File; such materials are NOT a part of the “record” before the reviewing authority in determining whether or not the proposed development complies with the applicable criteria.
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LU 17-0052


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City of Lake Oswego (A)

Project Contact

Leslie Hamilton, Senior Planner, (503) 675-3731 or e-mail.

Hearing Date

Tue, Jan 2, 2018

Reviewing Body

City Council

Related Meetings

Mon, Nov 27 6:30pm
Mon, Oct 9 6:30pm