LU 17-0066: Community Development Code Amendments to Standardize Setbacks for Noise-Producing Accessory Structures

A request from the City of Lake Oswego for proposed amendments to the Community Development Code [LOC, Accessory Structures] to standardize setbacks for noise-producing accessory structures (i.e., air conditioners, heat pumps, pool motors, etc.) in residential zones.

The proposed text amendments identify three options for the standardization of setbacks applicable to noise-producing accessory structures.  Option 1 standardizes the side and rear setbacks for these accessory structures in all residential zones, including Planned Development subdivisions (PDs).  Option 2 uses the standardized setbacks of Option 1, and adds a requirement that all new noise-producing accessory structures be rated for no more than 55 decibels (dBA).  Option 3 uses the standardized setbacks of Option 1, and requires a dBA rating of 45 for any noise-producing accessory structure located between 5 and 9.99 feet from an interior side property line.

Project Updates: 


On Tuesday, February 6, 2018, the Council approved the proposed amendments and enacted Ordinance 2766.  A link to the ordinance is available below under "Key Documents".  The ordinance becomes effective on March 8, 2018.


On January 22, the Planning Commission made a final recommendation that the City Council approve the proposed amendments.  The public hearing before the City Council is scheduled for Tuesday, February 6, 2018.  For more information regarding the Council's agenda and schedule, please contact Anne-Marie Simpson, City Recorder, (503) 534-4225 or e-mail (link sends e-mail) (link sends e-mail).


On January 8, the Planning Commission made a preliminary decision to recommend that City Council approve Option 1 of the proposed amendments.  The Commission will consider the Findings, Conclusions and Order (final recommendation) at its next meeting on January 22.


Due to scheduling issues and at the request of staff, the Planning Commission opened and immediately continued this hearing to January 8, 2018.

Project Details
LU 17-0066
City of Lake Oswego (A)
Project Contact: 

Leslie Hamilton, Senior Planner, (503) 675-3731 or e-mail.

Reviewing Body: 
Hearing Date: 
Tuesday, February 6, 2018
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Jan 8 2018 - 6:30pm

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