Neighborhood Association Contact Information

Contact information for the 24 recognized neighborhood associations can be found in the "Neighborhood Associations Contact List" provided on this page.  This list includes the primary contact, mailing address, phone number, e-mail address and website information if available.  It also includes contact information for "Other Neighborhoods" and "County Community Planning Organizations" that have not yet completed the city recognition process.

In addition to the City sharing information with neighborhoods, contact lists are maintained for required land use noticing procedures. City code (LOC requires that prior to submittal of an application for a partition, subdivision, major development or other development permit Planning staff deems neighborhood contact to be beneficial, an applicant must contact and discuss the proposed development with any affected neighborhood as provided. The purpose of neighborhood contact is to identify potential issues or conflicts regarding a proposed application so that they may be addressed prior to filing. This contact is intended to result in a better application and to expedite and lessen the expense of the review process by avoiding needless delays, appeals, remands, or denials. 

The "Neighborhood Association Board List" (provided on this page) contains contact information for board members of each of the City's recognized neighborhood associations.

The next update is tentatively scheduled to be published in January 2024.

Any questions or corrections to these lists should be forwarded to Iris McCaleb.


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