Neighborhood Association Insurance

The Neighborhood Coalition of Lake Oswego (NCLO) is a not for profit entity that provides liability insurance at no cost to recognized Lake Oswego neighborhood associations for meetings and events. The NCLO is run by a board of neighborhood association representatives that meets annually to review the program.

The application below must be completed in order for your meetings and events to be covered by the insurance. One application may be used for meetings that occur at the same time and place each month.

Certificates of insurance are available upon request for meeting venues that require this information.

Please refer to the application for additional information, including contact information.

Members of the NCLO:

  • Jim Bolland, Chair - Email
    First Addition Neighbors/Forest Hills Neighborhood Association
  • Bob Brown, Secretary
  • ​Blue Heron Neighborhood Association
  • Robert Ervin, Uplands Neighborhood Association
  • Lisa Volpel, Rosewood Neighborhood Association
  • Jeannie McGuire, Old Town Neighborhood Association
  • ​Diana Boom, Evergreen Neighborhood Association