Neighborhood Planning Materials

Neighborhood Planning Options: A New Approach

In 2009, Neighborhood Planning staff worked with a committee of neighborhood, Planning Commission and Council representatives to develop an updated structure for neighborhood plans. The goal was to address issues that staff, neighborhoods and the Commission had observed with past plan development, specifically to:

  • Clarify expectations about the purpose of neighborhood plans, including how they will be used by the City and the responsibility of the neighborhood for implementation;
  • Create a more succinct plan that is action-oriented and focuses on issues not already addressed by citywide plans and codes;
  • Provide a detailed process for plan development, so that neighborhood associations understand the process from the beginning and can accomplish much of the work without staff assistance (allowing staff to assist more than one neighborhood at once; see Neighborhood Planning Kit ); and
  • Include any development code amendments as part of neighborhood plan development, so that neighborhood development objectives are translated into requirements.

Development of a complete neighborhood plan is just one option available for neighborhood associations who would like to address planning issues unique to their neighborhood. The primary change from past practice is that the menu of options does not require a neighborhood to develop a comprehensive neighborhood plan in order to pursue neighborhood code changes, zoning changes, or other neighborhood improvements.

The options listed below, and detailed in the Neighborhood Planning Options document, is  intended to help guide neighborhoods in determining what, if any, process is most appropriate to address their neighborhood needs and objectives. It is not an exclusive list of options.

  • Develop a new Neighborhood Plan (with any desired neighborhood specific code provisions)
  • Update an Older Neighborhood Plan (adopted prior to 2007)
  • Codify an Adopted Neighborhood Plan
  • Create a Zoning Overlay to Address Neighborhood-Specific Development Issues
  • Pursue Changes to the Base Zoning Designations
  • Explore Solutions to Infrastructure Issues (transportation, stormwater)


Neighborhood Planning Resources

The key product of the 2009 work group is the Neighborhood Planning Kit. The intent of the Neighborhood Planning Kit, listed below, is to provide clear and easy-to-follow guidelines for Lake Oswego Neighborhoods as they work with City staff to prepare their Neighborhood Plan. The recommended approach is not a rigid formula, but a suggested methodology based on the experiences of previous neighborhoods that can be adapted to meet the needs of your neighborhood association. We encourage neighborhoods to bring in their own creativity to the process.