Neighborhood Planning

UPDATE - May 16, 2024

Technical assistance by the City for the creation of neighborhood plans or overlays remains on hold because staff resources are fully allocated to implementing state-mandated programs, including addressing the recent changes with the Governor’s housing bill (SB 1537), as well as Council goals and priorities, as follows:

  • Adopt a Housing Production Strategy (required per HB 2003; work in progress and must be adopted by 12-31-2024)
  • Implement the Housing Production Strategy (HB 2003; on-going work will begin after adoption of HPS)
  • Climate Friendly and Equitable Communities (CFEC) Program (Governor’s Executive Order 20-04; work in progress and must be adopted by 12-31-2024)
  • Adopt code amendments and apply to DLCD for an exemption to mandatory adjustments to local siting and design standards required by the state (SB 1537 requirements go into effect 01-01-2025; staff is currently working on identifying code amendments needed to qualify for an exemption to the state requirements)
  • Begin implementation of the Urban and Community Forestry Plan (UCFP) and start process to amend the City’s Tree Code (2024 Council Goal; work on UCFP in progress; implementation of UCFP and work on Tree Code amendments to begin Summer 2024)
  • Comprehensive Review of the Community Development Code (Council Goal postponed to 2025 pending adoption of the Housing Production Strategy; multi-year effort to begin in 2025 and will begin with a code audit followed later by code amendments)

Many of these have state mandated timelines and require approval by the oversight state agencies. Given the substantial workload associated with addressing these programs and mandates, the Planning Department is currently unable to allocate additional resources towards the creation of neighborhood plans. We need to prioritize compliance within our own code before we are able to address individual neighborhood plans. This decision is not a reflection of our commitment to neighborhood planning or engagement. Rather, it is necessary to preserve the Planning Department’s ability to effectively address the most pressing priorities and needs of our community and assure we remain in compliance with state law.

As staff continues work on the above projects, input and collaboration with neighborhood associations and residents will be essential. We will continue to engage with neighborhood associations and residents in meaningful ways to assure community values are reflected in these important initiatives.

More information about neighborhood planning options can be found on the Neighborhood Planning Materials webpage.

Adopted Neighborhood Plans

A neighborhood plan is an official element of the City of Lake Oswego Comprehensive Plan. A neighborhood plan includes goals and policies that define and shape the unique characteristics of a neighborhood. It also includes specific improvement projects that enhance a neighborhood. To date, neighborhood plans have been adopted for the following neighborhoods: First Addition, Old Town, Glenmorrie, Lake Grove, Waluga, Lake Forest, Evergreen, Palisades and Uplands.

The Neighborhood Plan elements of the Comprehensive Plan and the Community Development Codes are intended to mutually support one another. The neighborhood plans do not contain specific standards for development. Instead, they provide the policy basis for specific standards and procedures of the Community Development Code that are used to review new development and modifications to existing development. However, the Plans are applicable to legislative decisions such as Comprehensive Plan and Zone Map amendments.

Adopted neighborhood plans are listed below.  For a complete copy of any neighborhood plan listed below, please contact the Planning Department at (503) 635-0290.