The city has a long-standing partnership with its neighborhood associations.  Neighborhood associations provide an officially recognized channel for citizen participation in Lake Oswego.

Twenty-five formally recognized neighborhood associations offer an opportunity for citizens to participate in decision-making in the geographic area in which they live. Participation in a neighborhood association is voluntary and open to all who live in or own property or a business within the neighborhood's boundary.

Neighborhood Planning

Neighborhood planning is a cooperative effort between neighborhood associations and the City to address the unique characteristics of Lake Oswego's neighborhoods through policies, action items, programs, and neighborhood-specific code standards. Nine neighborhood plans have been adopted by City Council since 1996 as elements of the citywide Comprehensive Plan, and can be found on the Neighborhood Planning webpage.

Neighborhood Associations

The Lake Oswego Neighborhood Association program began in 1974 with the development of the original Comprehensive Plan.  Today there are 24 recognized neighborhood associations within the City of Lake Oswego.