PP 10-0011: Boones Ferry Road Refinement Plan - Phase 2

The Boones Ferry Road refinement plan is a planning and engineering project to better define the set of street and pedestrian improvements needed to help transform the Lake Grove Village Center into a pedestrian-friendly mixed use center.  The current work program is intended to meet the following objectives:

  • Provide greater certainty to the City and property owners regarding the proposed roadway design and the amount of right-of-way needed to build a “great street” consistent with the concepts set forth in the Lake Grove Village Center Plan (adopted in 2008);
  • Define the approach for providing a “green street” as part of the final Boones Ferry improvements;
  • Incorporate appropriate recommendations from the Phase 1 Boones Ferry refinement study completed in October of 2009; and
  • Utilize an efficient and open public process to develop recommendations for the refinement plan.
  • To learn more about the project history, see the attachment below.