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City of Lake Oswego Oregon - Luscher Farm

PP 17-0006: Annual Community Development Code Amendments - 2017

Project Background/Summary

Code Maintenance (LOC Chapters 50.01 – 50.08, 50.10)

As discussed during the Commission’s 2017 goalsetting, staff expects to see a decline in the number of annual amendments as we continue to fine-tune the Community Development Code (CDC), which was reorganized in 2012 (the current list contains 25 amendments, as compared to 33 amendments identified in 2016). However, code maintenance in response to City Council direction and changes in state law will continue to be an important part the City’s planning program.Code Maintenance amendments are those that correct or add cross-references, clarify existing standards, and update requirements based on changes to other codes (e.g., Tree Code, Building Code, etc.). The maintenance items generally do not involve policy considerations.

Project Description

Amendments are proposed to the following sections of the Community Development Code:

  1. List of Zoning Designations [LOC]
  2. Use Specific Standard for "Parks, Public" [LOC 50.03.002, Use Table]
  3. Family Day Care and Preschools [LOC 50.03.002, Use Table and]
  4. Accessory Structures and Uses/Guesthouse [LOC]
  5. Temporary Uses/Farmers Market [LOC]
  6. Special Street Setback Table [Table 50.04.002-1]
  7. High Density Abutting Low Density [LOC]
  8. Determination of Yards on a Through Lot [LOC 50.04.006.b]
  9. Glenmorrie Overlay [LOC]
  10. Roof Forms/Downtown Redevelopment Design (DRD) District [LOC]
  11. Courtyard Dimensions, DRD District [LOC and 13]
  12. Parking Modifiers in the DRD District [ and LOC 50.06.002]
  13. Tree Removal in the Lake Grove Village Center Overlay [LOC]
  14. Fence Waiver in LGVC Overlay [LOC]
  15. Resource Enhancement Projects in RC or HBA Districts [LOC]
  16. On-Site Circulation – Bikeways, Walkways and Accessways/Applicability [LOC]
  17. Fence Height Limitations [LOC]
  18. Certified Mail/Neighborhood Meeting [LOC and others]
  19. Extension of 180-Day Deadline for Completing an Application [LOC]
  20. Subdivision Standards "Lock-in" Provision [LOC 50.07.007]
  21. Residential Infill Design (RID) Review and General Design Variance Criteria [LOC]
  22. General Design Variance Criteria Design Quality and Positive Unique Relationship with Nearby Structures [LOC]
  23. Breezeway Definition [LOC 50.10.003]
  24. Floor Area Definition [LOC 50.10.003]
  25. Public Facility Definitions [LOC 50.10.003]





Staff Memo, 08/31/17

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PP 17-0006


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