PP 18-0005: Citizen Involvement Guidelines - Update

Project Background / Summary: 

The Citizen Involvement Guidelines ("Guidelines") implement the Citizen Engagement policies contained in the Community Culture Chapter of Lake Oswego's Comprehensive Plan.  City Council first adopted Guidelines in 1991.  A primary function of the Guidelines is to outline the criteria and procedures for recognized neighborhood associations.  The Guidelines have been revised or amended three times since they were first adopted; amendments are made through a legislative land use hearing process with the Planning Commission conducting an initial hearing and making a recommendation to the City Council. 

The following summarizes the Planning Commission's/Commission for Citizen Involvement's process for reviewing the Guidelines:

Work Plan

The Citizen Involvement Guidelines will be reviewed over a 10-12 month process, as follows (updated 10/31/18):

1.  Planning Commission Work Session to identify purpose and need, and a general timeline, for updating the Guidelines (Scoping) – June 11, 2018.✔

2.  Staff outreach to Neighborhood Associations (NAs) that are already actively reviewing the Guidelines (Inform and Involve NAs) – June 2018.✔

3.  Discuss the project at the Mayor’s Meeting with Neighborhood Association Chairs (Inform and Involve NAs) – June/July 2018.✔

4.  Focus Groups Option (possible groups: neighborhood association pre-app attendees, development review applicants, random residents who have not attended a NA meeting, etc.) - August-September-October 2018

a. Involve the public, including residents, staff, development review applicants, and others in identifying strengths and weaknesses of existing program.✔

b. Gather input on requested amendments to the Guidelines✔

c. NA meetings, on request, to brainstorm process improvements. None requested

5.   Discuss possible solutions at the Mayor’s Meeting with Neighborhood Association Chairs (Inform and Involve NAs); check-in with Commission for Citizen Involvement – September 2018✔

6.   Planning Commission Update – review input and solicit additional input – September 24✔

7.   Planning Commission Work Session #2 – Review draft recommendations and public survey concept – November 14, 2018 (continued to November 26, 2018)✔

8.   Online public participation (survey) and review potential solutions (Public Review Draft) – November 16 – December 3, 2018✔

9.   Planning Commission Review and Action on Recommendations to City Council (Phase 1 Report) – December 10, 2018

10. City Council review – TBD

Links to Key Documents

Community Culture-Civic Engagement Section of the Comprehensive Plan

Citizen Involvement Guidelines (2009)

Neighborhood Association Resource Guide (2010)


Project Updates: 



On Monday, December 10th the Commission will review survey results and forward a recommendation to City Council.

Staff Memo, 12/05/18 (includes survey results)

To visit the meeting webpage for 12/10/18 and view the video (when available), click here.


PLANNING COMMISSION WORK SESSION #2 - Monday, November 26, 2018 (continued from Wednesday, November 14, 2018)

Due to the length of time of the prior agenda topic and the lateness of the evening this work session was continued to Monday, November 26th.

Staff Memo, 11/01/18

To visit the meeting webpage for 11/26/18 and view the video, click here.

To visit the meeting webpage for 11/14/18 and view the video, click here.



Scot Siegel, Director of Planning and Building Services, attended the meeting and provided a brief history of the Citizen Involvement Guidelines and overview on the review process for future updates.

Staff Memo, 07/16/18



Staff Memo, 06/01/18
PowerPoint Presentation

To visit the meeting webpage and view the video, click here.


Project Details
PP 18-0005
Project Contact: 

Scot Siegel, Director of Planning and Building Services, (503) 699-7474 or e-mail.

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