Self-Guided Pre-App Training for Neighborhood Association Reps

This training is required only for neighborhood association members who want to be eligible to attend pre-application (pre-app) conferences for development proposals within their association’s boundaries.

STEP 1: Contact your neighborhood association and let them know you would like to become a neighborhood rep for pre-app conferences. Contact info: Neighborhood Associations List

STEP 2: Watch the pre-app training video 

STEP 3: Complete a certification form after you watch the video.

You will then be immediately eligible to attend pre-app conferences as a rep for your neighborhood.

STEP 4: Let your neighborhood association know that you have completed the training and certification. Note: each neighborhood association is responsible for coordinating the one to two reps who will attend.



What is a pre-app conference?

The pre-app conference provides an opportunity for a prospective applicant to learn about the zoning, development ordinances, and procedures required to complete a land use/development application. These conferences are required of all minor and major development proposals. The conference occurs, at a cost to the applicant (some exceptions apply), prior to submission of a formal development application. Neighborhood participation in these meetings will help inform the applicant of potential issues they may encounter working in your neighborhood. Because your association is better positioned to share that information than anyone else, your participation is important.

Who from the neighborhood associations can attend pre-app conferences?

Each neighborhood association delegates up to two members to attend a scheduled pre-app for sites located in that association’s boundaries. The reps then report back on the potential project to the larger group. Before they can attend, the reps must complete a self-guided pre-app training session. The training will help them understand the purpose of a pre-app conference and the neighborhood’s role in the process. There is no limitation on how many members of an association can complete the pre-app training, but attendance at an actual pre-app conference is limited to two reps.

A few things you should keep in mind before deciding to become a neighborhood rep:

  • Availability: Pre-app conferences are held on Thursdays at 1:15 pm, 2:30 pm, or 3:45 pm. Reps should generally be available to attend meetings during these hours. 
  • Understanding of land use/development issues: A basic understanding of land use issues and the development process is not required, but would be helpful. Reps should be capable of understanding the application process and able to learn about how developments are regulated in the City.
  • Ability to represent the neighborhood: Reps should be someone who understands the common concerns of your neighborhood and can speak for the majority, as well as minority, points of view.

Have more questions? Please contact the Planning Dept. at or 503-635-0270.

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