Public Records Request - Building, Planning and Engineering

This form is used to process public records requests for the Planning and Building services in accordance with the Oregon Public Records Law (ORS 192). Persons wanting to inspect or obtain copies of public records can complete the web form below. For a paper copy of the form please see attachment.

Depending on the size of the request, Planning, and Building services will attempt to respond to all public document request within ten (10) working days or explain why more time is needed for a full response.  Note:  If this is a records request that pertains to or may involve potential litigation, please disclose, as the City Attorney’s Office will need to review records prior to release.

A different form is required if your request is related to Police/911 records or any other City record that is not part of Engineering, Planning and Building. For those forms please go to the City Recorder Public Records page.

Fees:  Payment is required.  A credit card authorization is required for requests that involve research. Pursuant to ORS 192.324, if the charge may exceed $25, a written estimate will be provided; if you wish to proceed, you must instruct us to proceed and deliver an additional deposit in the amount of the estimate. (Research time may be charged regardless of whether copies are provided.)

Copy Fee (General Service Documents 8.5 x 11, 8.5 x 14, 11 x 17) $0.25 per page
Copy Fee (Oversized Documents/Blue Prints) $1 to $7 per page depending on map size plus $0.50 to $3.50 for overlays
Records Research $25 per 15 min./request (Minimum $25) plus copies and material charges


Type your full name
Include as much detail as possible, i.e., type of document, date, title, land use number, ordinance number, etc.