Your House Matters Expo

Your House Matters Expo: Celebrating Houses Built Before 1970

When: Sunday, May 7, 1-4 p.m.

Where: Oswego Heritage House, 398 10th St., Lake Oswego, OR 97034

Cost:     Free & refreshments provided

Parking: Available at the Heritage House and in the parking lot across the street at Christ Episcopal Church

Sponsored By:  Lake Oswego Historic Resources Advisory Board  -  Lake Oswego Preservation Society  -  Oswego Heritage Council

Join us for an afternoon of helpful information to make your house more livable for today while maintaining the character of your house and neighborhood. The event will begin with guest speaker, Rachel Verdick, local building designer and preservationist. She will discuss why your older home is significant, not just to you personally and financially, but also to your neighborhood and community. Afterwards, an open house with vendors will provide examples, demonstrations, and help answer your questions. Come with photos and/or questions about your house.

Vendors include:

  • Green Savers will be on hand to discuss the benefits of home energy audits, radon and seismic testing, insulation, and other energy saving technologies.
  • Green Window Restoration will be available to answer all the questions you have about conserving and restoring your original wood windows.
  • Indow Window learn how to increase energy efficiency and block noise with interior storm windows
  • Lake Oswego Historic Resources Advisory Board will be available to answer questions about what features of your house are significant and worth preserving, and what it means for a house to be on the City’s Landmark Designation List.
  • Lake Oswego Preservation Society will be available to answer your questions about preservation advocacy and celebrating Lake Oswego’s history.  
  • Lake Oswego Public Library Lake Oswego Public Library will be on hand with lists, handouts and ideas on how to research the history of your home using library resources. The Library has an extensive Local History Collection accessible to the public during all open library hours including a collection of historic photographs, maps, newspaper articles, books and more. Professional librarians are available to help with local history and other research needs.  For more information, please contact the Lake Oswego Public Library’s reference department at 503-675-2540.
  • Lake Oswego Sustainability Advisory Board will provide information about how you can make your older home more energy efficient.
  • MCM Construction which can help you understand the questions you should ask contractors before starting a project.
  • Oswego Heritage Council can help you research the history of your home and its former occupants.
  • Rodda Paint will be available to explain how to choose the right paint for your project and provide options for historic colors.

Come learn why your older house matters, and the benefits it offers to the sense of place of your neighborhood and the community, and how to maintain your house while preserving its character!

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