Business Check Report Packet

If you are a merchant and have received a forged check returned to you from the bank, the Lake Oswego Police Department requires that you present the original check with the Affidavit of Forgery completed by the account holder, as well as the employee who completed the transaction with the suspect. When this information is available, download the Business Check Report Packet from this site. Once completed, business owners or representative may contact the Lake Oswego Police Department at 503-635-0238 to report the fraud. Please follow all instructions carefully.

Please note that if there is a confirmed forgery in progress with the suspect still at your location, immediately call 9-1-1. In this case, no Affidavit is required.

If you have received a check back from the bank that is not payable due to a Closed Account or Non-sufficient Funds (NSF), and the negotiated amount of the check is under $750, you may make a report by contacting the Clackamas County Check Enforcement Program at 1-800-671-3049.

Checks over $750 will be investigated by the Lake Oswego Police Department. It will be helpful to the officer investigating the complaint if the above referenced form is completed prior to the officer's arrival as it will contain the information necessary to investigate the crime, even if it is not being referred to Clackamas County's Check Enforcement Program.