Community Service Officers

The Community Service Officers (CSO) focus on community livability issues to support the patrol division and traffic safety unit. The work of the CSOs allows our police officers to focus on active calls for service and following up on cases. Community Service Officers help with code enforcement, traffic crashes, traffic control, parking enforcement, courtroom testimony, abandoned vehicles, special events, and a wide range of other assignments.

Community Service Officers occasionally assist with arrests and transport persons in custody to various jail facilities and may also handle in-custody court arraignments. They assist with crowd control and collecting evidence at crime scenes and other major emergencies. CSO’s can often be seen conducting vehicle patrols in their uniquely marked pick-up trucks or conducting foot patrols alongside the city’s Park Rangers within the many natural areas and parks throughout Lake Oswego. They are also the primary conduit for answering or initiating complaints regarding stray dogs, aggressive dogs or dog bite complaints and provide transportation to the county holding facilities if an owner is not located.