Dog Safety and Complaint Reporting Information

As dog owners, we need to be aware of the effect our pets can have on our neighbors’ lives as well as our own.  As neighbors, we need to understand that dogs do bark and that some barking is “reasonable” under the City Codes. Excessive barking complaints are among the most frequent calls we receive.

Abuse of animals, excessive barking, or vicious dog complaints should be reported by calling the Lake Oswego Non-Emergency number, (503) 635-0238. If you or your dog have been bitten by a dog, immediately report the incident. Please attempt to get a good description and the full name of the owner. If it occurs in Lake Oswego, call 503-635-0238.

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Off-leash Areas for Dogs in Lake Oswego

Park Rules


Licensing, Barking, Vicious Dogs, Dogs At-large, and Other Rules About Dogs

Licensing: LOC 31.02.115

All dogs that reside in the City of Lake Oswego must be licensed by the City of Lake Oswego. Please contact 503-635-0255 for any questions regarding licensing of dogs.  License tags need to be securely displayed upon dogs, except when the dog is confined to the keeper's property or displayed in an exhibition.  Most of the dogs the Police Department takes into custody are not displaying license tags and this typically lengthens the time Officers spend dealing with at-large dogs as it makes it hard to identify the owner of the dog.

Barking: LOC 31.02.120

It is a violation for an owner or keeper who owns or is in physical possession or control of an animal, to permit any animal to cause unreasonable annoyance, alarm or noise disturbance at any time of the day or night by repeated barking, whining, screeching, howling, braying, or other like sounds which may be heard beyond the boundary of the owner’s or keeper’s property. Violation of this law is subject to a civil citation and fine.

Vicious Dog: ORS 609.990 and LOC 31.02.120

If your dog bites a person or another dog, you may be found responsible for damages.
If you feel threatened by a dog, do not run. It may trigger the dog’s chase response. Instead, try yelling a command in a firm tone, remain calm, and move slowly.

At Large: LOC 31.02.120/ORS 811.200

The City of Lake Oswego Police Department has the authority to impound your dog for running at large and issue you a citation for $145. You will also pay boarding fees to have your dog released. Please make sure your dog does not run loose.

Under Control: LOC 31.02.120

Any time a dog is in a public place in Lake Oswego with the keeper, unless it is a designated off-leash area, the dog must be under the control of the keeper.

Pet Abuse and Neglect

Per ORS chapter 167, if your pet’s health is compromised or if your pet is injured or killed because you were reckless, negligent, or abusive, you could be convicted of a crime. Oregon Law: ORS Chapter 167. Lake Oswego Law: LOC 31.02.120.

Abuse occurs when an animal is physically or recklessly handled or otherwise endangered. Here are some signs of abuse:  

  •   Broken bones
  •   Internal injuries
  •   Damage to the eyes or eye area
  •   Abrasions
  •   Drowning
  •   Burns
  •   Frequent injuries

Neglect occurs when the basic needs of the animal are not being met. Here are some signs of neglect:

  •   Unusually thin and weak
  •   Timid and cowardly
  •   Matted/un-groomed fur
  •   A collar that is too tight

Nutrition and Health Care are very necessary parts of pet ownership. Animals must receive proper nutrition, grooming, and receive regular check-ups. Failing to provide these basic needs to your pet is a crime.

Do not hesitate to call the Police if you suspect abuse or neglect.

Dogs in Cars

Never leave your pets in a parked car. On a warm day, temperatures inside a vehicle can rise rapidly to dangerous levels. On an 85-degree day, for example, the temperature inside a car with the windows opened slightly can reach 102 degrees within 10 minutes. After 30 minutes, the temperature will reach 120 degrees. Your pet may suffer irreversible organ damage or die.

If you drive with your dog inside the vehicle, please be aware that an unsecured dog inside a vehicle will become a projectile in a crash. People have died from projectiles. Consider using a travel kennel or divider. Traveling with an animal, unsecured in the external part of a motor vehicle is a Class D traffic Violation of ORS 811.200.

Do not allow your pet to ride in your lap. Not only can it be a distraction for you, but can cause serious injury or death to you or your pet if the airbag deploys.

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