K-9 Unit

Police dogs are one of the most effective and diverse tools used in policing – and some of the community’s favorite ‘officers’. The K-9 unit consists of two police dogs and their handlers who assist in the search and rescue of missing people, tracking and locating criminal suspects, and searching for discarded evidence or clues. By using the dogs’ keen sense of smell, we are able to reduce the number of officers needed for a search, perform more thorough searches, and help keep our officers and the community safe during the apprehension of dangerous suspects. The K-9 teams undergo extensive training through the Oregon Police Canine Association, including 400 training hours over the course of 10 weeks. 

The role of K-9 teams is multifaceted, including both law enforcement activities and public education. K-9 teams increase suspect apprehensions with their tracking ability, and can also defuse a stressful situation with their mere presence. The K-9 teams are busy protecting Lake Oswego and providing assistance to neighboring law enforcement agencies.

K-9 Chase

K-9 Chase is a seven-year-old, 100-pound German Shepherd from Slovakia. He joined the Lake Oswego Police Department (LOPD) in 2016 and is assigned to the Patrol Division with his handler, Officer Bryan McMahon. There, he can be found tracking and apprehending fleeing felons, locating evidence such as weapons or clothing, or searching for lost children or endangered persons. A charming fellow, Chase also enjoys socializing at many City events! During his off-time, Chase loves playing ball and hanging out in the yard with Officer McMahon and his family.

K-9 Szemi

K-9 Szemi is a seven-year-old German Shepherd from Hungary. He joined the LOPD in 2017 and is assigned to the Patrol Division with his handler, Officer Erich Mayr. Szemi and Officer Mayr patrol the streets of Lake Oswego, search for missing persons, and apprehend fleeing criminals. Szemi is most enthusiastic about putting on his harness and leaping into the car to go to work after a weekend, but he also values his family time, including morning walks and lounging on the couch with Officer Mayr. Szemi also enjoys yard time with his Kong, shoulder scratches (he's a leaner!), and peanut butter. 


K-9 Chase in police vehicle
K-9 Chase with his handler Officer McMahon
Police dog with dog toy
Police dogs and their handlers
Police dog and handler hugging