LOPD 2022 Annual Awards

Each year the Lake Oswego Police Department accepts nominations from its sworn and non-sworn members for a variety of awards to be presented at a year-end banquet. An awards committee discusses the nominations and selects the winners. Below is a description of the different awards categories, who was selected, and a description of why they were selected. 

We are proud of the exemplary work done by our entire team every day, and we are grateful that this committee had a number of nominations from which to choose the winners!

Officer of the Year:

The officer of the year is awarded to the officer who continuously demonstrates a pattern of excellence in police work with a willingness to work beyond the level expected of an officer over the period of the award.

The 2022 Officer of the Year was awarded to Officer Markum Megale. Officer Megale was nominated because he regularly meets the criteria set forth in the Lake Oswego Police Department Awards Policy guideline. Ofc. Megale is consistently one of our most active police officers. Not only does he fulfill his work duties, but he also goes above and beyond while connecting with citizens. Ofc. Megale volunteered to work on several large projects within the police department which have better assisted his peers with patrol function and officer safety. He displays the professionalism, compassion, and approachable characteristics the police department strives to exemplify within our officers.

Police Support Employee of the Year:

The police support employee of the year is presented to an employee of the LOPD who continuously demonstrates a pattern of excellence in their work with a willingness to work beyond the level expected of an employee.

The 2022 Police Support Employee of the Year was awarded to Police Records Lead John Stahl. John is a fantastic team player and a dedicated employee of the LOPD. He works hard to ensure the work being done in the Records Division is accurate and thorough. Mr. Stahl regularly assists officers with the finer points of our records reporting system and always takes the time to explain the “why”. He is regularly assigned projects by the Chief of Police and the Captain of Police. He often finds ways to teach himself tasks and skills he is unfamiliar with so that he can better serve the Police Department and Citizens of Lake Oswego. Mr. Stahl is knowledgeable, thoughtful, creative, and willing to pause whatever he is doing to assist his co-workers in any way.

2022 Life Saving Award:

This award is presented to members of LOPD who, while acting in an official capacity, performs an active, distinctive, and successful lifesaving act on another human being.

Ofc. Matthew Dungey, Ofc. Ryan Leslie, and Dispatcher Scott Brown:

On April 16, 2022, Ofc. Leslie and Dispatcher Scott Brown teamed together to save the life of a 5-year-old child who had stopped breathing. Dispatcher Brown provided life-saving CPR instructions to the child’s distraught father while Ofc. Leslie and Ofc. Dungey responded to the residence. Upon arrival Ofc. Leslie took over CPR while Ofc. Dungey prepared the AED. Both officers worked on the child until the child regained consciousness and was transported to the hospital by ambulance.

Ofc. Claire Gump & Det. Vaughn Bechtol:

On August 16, 2022, Ofc. Gump and Det. Bechtol were assisting officers with safely containing an occupied stolen vehicle when the passenger, after a short vehicle pursuit, ran from the vehicle. Ofc. Gump had observed drug paraphernalia in the vehicle during the first attempted contact with the subjects. Officers were able to capture the passenger after a short foot pursuit and take him into custody. Once the subject was in custody he became unresponsive and exhibited labored breathing. Ofc. Gump immediately recognized the possibility of a drug overdose and, while Det. Bechtol called for and coordinated an emergency medical response, she administered two doses of Naloxone. The male was returned to consciousness and transported to the hospital by ambulance. Their actions lead to the subject surviving his drug overdose.

Ofc. James Macfarlane:

On August 20, 2022, Ofc. Macfarlane was dispatched to an incomplete 911 call at the Hilton Garden Inn. The dispatcher advised people in the background could be heard yelling “breathe!” Ofc. Macfarlane recognized that this 911 call may be the result of a medical condition or drug overdose. Arriving on scene, he responded with his department-issued Naloxone and found a subject in distress from ingesting cocaine. Ofc. Macfarlane administered the Naloxone and was able to successfully revive the subject.

2022 Outstanding Service Award (group commendation):

Sgt. Michael Scott
Ofc. Nicole Palmeri
Ofc. Delante Moxley
Ofc. Michael Svoboda
Ofc. Shayla Ball
Ofc. Steve Chon
Ofc. Josh Loesche
Ofc. Matthew Dungey
Dispatcher Rachelle Herr
Dispatcher April Roa
Dispatcher Hannah Nicklos

This group of dedicated public servants worked together as a cohesive unit on May 23, 2022, to resolve one of the most dangerous call types an officer can respond to – a suicidal subject with a firearm. The subject in this call threatened to kill himself with an AR15 rifle and kill his estranged wife if she showed up at his residence. Sgt. Scott set up an incident command while Officers immediately went into action gathering information about the subject, observing the residence for threats, and calling the subject who ultimately surrendered peacefully. The dispatchers, Rachelle Herr, April Roa, and Hannah Hicklos, worked as a coordinated team behind the scenes and helped to maintain the call with updates, requesting resources, gathering information, and providing timely information as officers needed it.

2022 Outstanding Service Award (Unit Commendation):

Dispatchers Hannah Nicklos & Dispatcher Scott Brown:

On April 6, 2022, Lake Oswego experienced two significant incidents simultaneously. First, a garage fire quickly escalated and consumed the focus and resources of Dispatcher Scott Brown. Dispatcher Brown managed multiple fire radio talk groups and all responding units. Meanwhile, Dispatcher Hannah Nicklos took on all the police and fire calls flooding the LOCOM dispatch center as the second incident, an armed carjacking, occurred in downtown Lake Oswego. When she did have a moment from taking calls she asked Dispatcher Brown if he needed any further support. This was a valiant team effort!

2022 Outstanding Service Award (individual):

Administrative Assistant to the Chief Jessica Betonte

Jessica Betonte was awarded an Outstanding Service Award for “being an exceptional co-worker, always being willing to put her best effort forward, she makes everyone’s jobs easier, and, while staffing was short she picked up additional duties outside her regular job duties.

Officer Michael Brady

Ofc. Brady, the assigned Training Officer for the Lake Oswego Police Department, regularly works long hours to maintain a high standard of training for officers of the Lake Oswego Police Department. In addition, Ofc. Brady regularly instructs at outside agencies and is the first-person new officers are assigned to once they are hired. Ofc. Brady shows incredible commitment and a great attitude towards training and has assisted with keeping officers current on the ever-changing training requirements for our profession.

Evidence Technician Nicole Spiegel

Nicole Spiegel has maintained an exemplary level of support service to the police department over the 2022 year. She keeps the evidence room in good working order, well stocked, and up to date on the latest evidence collection supplies. She also maintains certification through training, audits, and system management. Evidence Technician Spiegel routinely trains officers on correct evidence submission, works closely with the District Attorney’s office, and regularly adapts to new technology and equipment.

Officer Teri Corless

Ofc. Corless is a selfless champion for Domestic Violence survivors. She investigated a domestic violence case involving a survivor who had been strangled and was initially uncooperative with police. Through a dedicated and compassionate investigation Ofc. Corless was able to develop a positive rapport with the survivor while working closely with the district attorney’s office to bring the case to a successful prosecution of the suspect for 4 strangulation charges.

Dispatcher Rachelle Herr

Rachelle Herr was the call taker for a report of a 90-year-old dementia patient who had wandered away from her daughter’s house. Dispatcher Herr efficiently and effectively managed requested resources including a search and rescue unit, Portland Police Bureau’s plane, a drone, and multiple assisting officers who were unfamiliar with the area they were searching. The patient was ultimately located and reunited with her daughter two hours later. Dispatcher Herr’s ability to manage all aspects of this call contributed to the successful outcome for the family.

2022 Looking Beyond the Ticket:

This award is presented to any sworn Police Officer or Community Service Officer from the Lake Oswego Police Department who looks beyond just issuing a citation and creatively handles a situation through further investigation that leads to solving a crime.

Ofc. Josh Loesche was awarded the 2022 Looking Beyond the Ticket award:

On February 8, 2022, Ofc. Loesche attempted to stop a speeding vehicle, but the driver fled. Ofc. Loesche refrained from engaging in a pursuit but later located the vehicle abandoned. He noticed a Lakeridge sticker on the vehicle and suspected it might be stolen. The vehicle's registered owner was contacted, and it was confirmed stolen. Ofc. Loesche processed the vehicle for evidence and retrieved a cigarette butt and cell phone. Latent prints and DNA were successfully collected from these items and a suspect was identified. Through this investigation, Ofc. Loesche solved three burglaries and a stolen vehicle case in Lake Oswego.

2022 Chief’s Challenge Coin:

This award may be given to any person or entity meeting the criteria for exceptional achievements that significantly further the efficiency or effectiveness of the Lake Oswego Police Department. The criteria are as follows: Performs an act or achievement that contributes significantly to the Department’s Mission and/or: Performs an act or achievement that reflects favorably upon the Department’s vision and values.

Sgt. Karinya Moisan was awarded a Chief’s Challenge Coin due to her service completing, on her own time, memory books and shadow boxes to honor multiple LOPD and LOCOM retirees. Sgt. Moisan helped to commemorate the relationships, good times with friends and co-workers, and community members for each retiree.

Top Shooter (at firearms training):

This award is for outstanding marksmanship at training. The Lake Oswego Police Department Range Officers keep score on a variety of factors that add to the determination of each year’s Top Shooter. These factors include regular attendance at the range, successful shot placement on targets, safe firearm handling and movement, and successfully completing drills during timed tests. The 2022 Top Shooter was awarded to Ofc. Bryan Sheldon.