Making Your Home Less Attractive To Burglars And Thieves

Posted Thu, 03/03/2022 - 2:47pm

LAKE OSWEGO – Lake Oswego continues to be one of the safest communities in the State of Oregon. However, we have noticed an increase in residential burglaries, package thefts, and thefts from vehicles in the South Portland Metro area lately and thought this would be a great opportunity to remind you about some proactive steps you can take to avoid being a victim of burglary or theft.

There are really two dimensions of protection; target hardening and, probably the most effective, awareness.

  1. Here are some basic steps you can take to increase awareness in your neighborhood:
  2. Get to know your neighbors. You can ask a neighbor to keep an eye on your house when you’re gone, pick up packages so you don’t broadcast you are away, and call if they see someone they don’t recognize at your house. When you get to know your neighbors, their cars, and the hours they keep, you will be more confident about calling the police if you see something suspicious.
  3. Be alert and be a good neighbor. Knowing your neighbors builds community, and a strong community is a safer community.
  4. Call the police if you see something suspicious in your neighborhood. Lake Oswego police will investigate any suspicious circumstances.
    • Call 911 for a crime or suspicious activity happening now.
    • Call (503) 635-0238 for anything not happening now.

Here are some basic steps you can take to make your home a hard target:

  1. Make sure you have good exterior lighting and motion-sensing lights near any doors or windows.
  2. Adjust your landscaping to eliminate hiding spots and increase the visibility of the occupants (trim those shrubs below window height!).
  3. Install an audible alarm system, ensure it is registered with the City, and set it when you are not home.
  4. Always keep all your doors and windows locked when you are not home.
  5. Install surveillance cameras, especially those that alert you if motion is detected.
  6. Never leave items of obvious value in view of the public.
  7. Don’t leave bags or items of value in your vehicle when it is parked in the driveway and lock your car! 
  8. Keep your garage door closed when you are not actively using it.

Burglars generally select targets with the lowest risk of getting caught and the highest chance of successfully stealing items of value. The more you can do to make your home and neighborhood uncomfortable for thieves, the less likely it is that you will become a victim.

Any media inquiries can be directed to Sergeant Tom Harper at (503) 635-0238 or