Metro Area Law Enforcement Agencies Using New Records Management and Report Writing Systems

Posted Mon, 05/04/2015 - 3:10pm

LAKE OSWEGO – At 6 AM on April 14, 2015, more than 43 law enforcement agencies in Oregon and Clark County Washington started to use the new Regional Justice Information Network (RegJIN) records management and report writing systems. This was the culmination of nearly 6 years of work that started out of a need to replace the aging Portland Police Data System (PPDS) records management system. As the project progressed, more and more agencies decided to be a part of this unprecedented collaboration. At go-live, half of the law enforcement officers in Oregon, and all of the law enforcement officers in Clark County Washington, are using this system.

This is the largest implementation of its kind in North America, and it is a rather large departure from how many agencies were doing business in the past. Previously, many agencies had their own records management systems and did not share information with others. We know that criminals don’t recognize jurisdictional boundaries, so the information sharing in this system will help law enforcement to solve crimes and locate suspects more effectively than they were able to in the past.

Many of the partner agencies did not have electronic report writing systems in place before this project. The RegJIN system provides an electronic report writing system that allows officers to write and submit reports from their car or desk, and allows supervisors to review those reports electronically in their car or in their office. Once approved, those reports automatically go to records personnel for processing. This can help eliminate sluggish procedures and gives timely access to information that was never available before. Many of the partner agencies started using the report writing part of the system in May of 2014 and several more began using it in the fall of 2014. This helped us to identify potential issues with the system and to correct them before the remainder of the agencies started using the entire system.

This system also provides officers and investigators with a very robust search capability that allows them to find information very easily, and it helps them to identify trends and connections between cases or people.

As with any new system, we know that there will be challenges with this implementation. Some users will have more difficulty than others as they begin to utilize this new way of doing business, but we are committed to the success of each partner agency and will support them in any way we can. We are very excited for the system to have gone live and we know that, once we get past the initial learning curve, this system will be a tremendous benefit to the citizens and law enforcement in the Portland Metropolitan Area.


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