Officer Facilitates Shoe Donation to Person in Need

Posted Tue, 07/18/2023 - 2:44pm

LAKE OSWEGO – Recently, Officer Matt Dungey handled a welfare check call for a man who had tripped and fallen. Officer Dungey found that the man shuffles his feet when he walks and the sole of one of his shoes had worn to the point that only the back half of the sole was still attached to the shoe. The condition of the shoe had caused the man to trip. Understanding the man did not have the means to purchase new shoes, Officer Dungey asked him if he would be willing to receive some new shoes, which he said he would. Fortunately, the man was not injured when he fell.

Soon after that, Officer Dungey was on an unrelated call at the Columbia Sportswear store in Lake Oswego. He asked the employees if they would be willing to donate a pair of shoes to the man who had fallen, and they told him they would have to get back to him. 

About a week or two later, Officer Dungey was in the store and he asked the employees if they had heard back about the donation request. The employees grabbed a pair of shoes off the shelf and gave them to Officer Dungey. He later found the man and gave him the new pair of shoes, for which he was very appreciative!

When asked why he wanted to help the man, Officer Dungey said, “I didn’t want him to get hurt and I see him walking all the time. I just feel bad for him. He just looked like he needed a new pair of shoes and he said he had been looking but there wasn’t anywhere within walking distance where he could get any.”

We are proud of Officer Dungey for this selfless act. He just wanted to help someone who needed it. This was an excellent demonstration of our department's values of Respect and Service.