Phone Scammer Claiming to Be With LOPD

Posted Wed, 09/21/2022 - 5:40pm

LAKE OSWEGO - This week, we have become aware of a new phone scam that is targeting people with ties to our community. A male with a southern accent is calling people claiming to be Sergeant Tom Harper with the Lake Oswego Police Department asking for money. The police department will never call you and request money from community members for arrest warrants or any other circumstances. Sergeant Harper is an actual Sergeant with the Lake Oswego Police Department, but he is not calling anyone about arrest warrants or subpoenas. This is a scam.

The scammer tells the person that they missed a court date they were subpoenaed for and that there are now warrants for the person’s arrest. He then asks how the person would like to clear up the warrants, suggesting that they pay him directly. If the person doesn’t answer the phone, the man leaves a voicemail message instructing the person to call him at (503) 676-5790. That number has a message indicating it is the Lake Oswego Police Department, but it is not.

If you receive a call from someone claiming to be Sergeant Harper about warrants, please call the Lake Oswego Police Department non-emergency dispatch number at (503) 635-0238.