Speed Reader

The Lake Oswego Police Department, in conjunction with the City’s Traffic Engineering Department, has recently purchased two data collecting speed readers.  These speed readers have the ability to collect data ranging from the speed of a vehicle, vehicle pace, traffic volume and peak traffic times.  While the Police Department will never be able to catch all speeders, the speed reader’s purpose is to make drivers aware of their speed.  Voluntary compliance is the goal of the Traffic Unit.  We want you, the motorist, to actively be aware of your speed and how it impacts those citizens who live adjacent to the roadways.  In addition, the speed reader helps citizens understand that, in some instances, their perception of speed may be much higher than the speed drivers are actually traveling.  Below are the results of the placement of the speed reader:

2019 Speed Study Results

2018 Speed Study Results

2017 Speed Study Results

2016 Speed Study Results

2016 Traffic Counts - Interactive Map 

2015 Speed Study Results

To request a speed study in your neighborhood, please complete and submit the Speed Reader Request Form.


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