String of Unlocked Cars Entered Over the Weekend

Posted Wed, 09/10/2014 - 11:01am

LAKE OSWEGO – This past weekend, we received a number of reports from citizens who had their unlocked vehicles entered over the weekend. In each of the cases, the vehicle was left unlocked and the suspect(s) rummaged through the contents. In most of the cases, the vehicle’s contents were just gone through but, in a couple of the cases, items of value were stolen.

People often think it’s better to leave their car unlocked so a criminal won’t break their window. The truth, though, is that if there aren’t items of value in sight in the vehicle, it is very unlikely the criminal will break the window to look around. If the car is unlocked, that gives the criminal the opportunity to just look around and maybe get lucky by finding something that was hidden.

The police department would like to remind everyone to not leave valuable items in their vehicles. It is just as important to always lock their vehicles when unattended. These simple steps can make a huge difference in whether or not their vehicle is selected by a criminal.

Don’t give a criminal an invitation to snoop around your things. Hide your valuables before you get to your destination and lock your doors!