Traffic Crash Statistics

The goal of the Lake Oswego Police Department is to have traffic crashes under 200 incidents per year.  A combination of traffic engineering, education and enforcement is our primary means of reaching this goal.  Last year, 2017, the Lake Oswego Police Department responded to 483 crashes.  These crashes included pedestrian, bicyclist and animals, and ranged from fatal crashes to door dings.  The 483 crashes represent a 24 percent increase in total crashes from 2016’s total crash incidents of 391.  Speed and distracted driving are the two leading causes of crashes.  

The top 10 intersections for crashes (when locations have the same number of crashes, they are listed in no particular order) in 2017 were:

  1. Lake Grove Shopping Center, 16380 Boones Ferry Road (8)
  2. State Street and McVey (5)
  3. Boones Ferry Road and Country Club (5)
  4. 310 N. State Street (5)
  5. 7/8 Centerpointe Drive (5)
  6. State Street and A Avenue (4)
  7. Albertson’s Parking Lot, 16199 Boones Ferry Road (4)
  8. Kruse Way and Carman Drive (3)
  9. Kruse Way and Westlake Drive (3)
  10. Kruse Way and Bangy Road (3)

2016 Traffic Counts - Interactive Map

DMV Crash Report