Patrol Support Unit

Reducing Crashes - Saving Lives

The patrol support unit, when fully staffed, is made up of two motorcycle officers (the Traffic Team), three Community Service Officers, two School Resource Officers, and a Behavioral Health Specialist, and it is supervised by the Patrol Support Sergeant. 

The motorcycle officer and school resource officer positions are staffed by officers who are selected for a period of 6 years. The Community Service Officers (CSOs) are sworn officers with a limited commission who primarily handle code enforcement, prisoner transport, parking enforcement, traffic control, special projects, special events, and many other tasks as needed.

The Patrol Support Sergeant also serves as the Police Department liaison to the Transportation Advisory Board and is responsible for the department's wellness program.

The traffic team is a staunch supporter of the Safety Belt Diversion Program through the Legacy Trauma Nurses Program that is authorized by the court and in the education and installation of vehicle child safety seat devices.

Each of the officers assigned to the traffic team is a member of Clackamas County C.R.A.F.T. (Crime Re-construction and Forensics Team) and assists in the investigation of fatal, serious injury, and traffic crime-related crashes as well as all homicides in Clackamas County.

If a traffic-related incident or issue requires police assistance, please contact our non-emergency line at (503) 635-0238. If it is an emergency, please call 911.

Downtown Public Parking

This attached map lists the available public parking and its corresponding time limits in the downtown Lake Oswego area.  Parking time zones may change without notice.  It is your responsibility to verify parking time limits on posted signs. 

Speed Reader

The Lake Oswego Police Department has two data-collecting speed readers. These speed readers have the ability to collect data ranging from the speed of a vehicle, vehicle pace, traffic volume, and peak traffic times. While the Police Department will never be able to catch all speeders, the speed reader’s purpose is to make drivers aware of their speed. Voluntary compliance is the goal of the traffic team. We want you, the motorist, to actively be aware of your speed and how it impacts those citizens who live adjacent to the roadways. In addition, the speed reader helps citizens understand that, in some instances, their perception of speed may be much higher than the speed drivers are actually traveling.

To view the results of the placement of the speed reader or to request a speed study in your neighborhood, please click here or use the link on the side of the page.

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